India Property Guide

Country Stats

  • Name: India
  • Area: 3,287,590 km²
  • Population: 1.252 billion
  • Capital City: New Delhi
  • Gross Domestic Product: 1.877 trillion USD
  • Currency: Indian Rupee
  • Major Religions:   Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.
  • Per Capita Income: 5,350 PPP dollars
  • GINI Coefficient: 33.9
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About The Country

India is the largest country in the Indian Subcontinent and shares borders with Pakistan to the west, China and Nepal to the north,Bhutan to the north-east, and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east.

It is an extremely diverse country, with vast differences in geography, climate, culture, language and ethnicity across its expanse, and prides itself on being the largest democracy on Earth.

The Indian economy is the world's seventh-largest by nominal GDP and third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Following market-based economic reforms in 1991, India became one of the fastest-growing major economies.

India experiences at least three seasons a year, Summer, Rainy Season and Winter, though in the tropical South calling the 25°C (77°F) weather "Winter" would be stretching the concept. The North experiences some extremes of heat in Summer and cold in Winter.The Indian film industry produces the world's most-watched cinema.Indian music ranges over various traditions and regional styles.

In India, several traditional indigenous sports remain fairly popular, such as kabaddi, kho kho, pehlwani and gilli-danda. Some of the earliest forms of Asian martial arts, such as kalarippayattu, musti yuddha, silambam, and marma adi, originated in India. Chess, commonly held to have originated in India as chaturaṅga, is regaining widespread popularity with the rise in the number of Indiangrandmasters. Cricket is one of the most played games in India.

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