Case Study: How to Present your Property to Best Advantage

Very often, when I take up a property for review, my aim is to find things that the owners can do to improve the property. This week, however, I’ll review a property that has great interiors and is photographed well – a Heritage Portuguese Villa in Anjuna, Goa.

Each photograph in this listing has been carefully thought through and the property listing has a full complement of pictures to highlight all aspects – architectural, interior and accessories – of the space.

The great outdoors

Let’s start with, appropriately for Goa, the outside first. The picture of the front terrace (verandah) below sets, in one picture, the entire mood of the property – laid back, relaxed, traditional Goa. The low height of the camera emphasises the length and height of the property, and the warm colors come across as inviting.

This is an architectural shot. Notice that there are no potted plants, brightly colored cushions or any other accessories distracting from the structure of the space. The traditional column, roof window, balustrade and the accent green defines the space. The accent furniture is not there by chance – it defines the height and proportions of  the space. The low height of the camera emphasises the length and height of the property. The column in complete focus with all detailing completes the picture.

Front Terrace

The next picture, from the other end of the verandah, is a detail shot with a closeup of the table. It highlights the comfortable, cozy seating, and nothing else. The book on the table is a brilliant finishing touch, something that makes the space seem lived in and not sterile.

Front Table, Seating

And continuing the theme of presenting the lovely outdoors, we have the informal seating in the back garden.

Back Garden

The common areas

This again is an architectural shot, with one piece of furniture serving as a reference point to show the magnificent height of the room, with natural light streaming through the skylight. The photographer uses low camera heights very well to emphasize the high ceilings and the size of the room. Natural light adds depth. The red oxide flooring continuing through the staircase, with a sculptural custom designed railing draws the eye up to the ceiling, again serving to emphasise the height.

Common Area

Again, a wide “establishing” shot of the dining room shows the largeness of the room, as well as the carefully selected traditional furniture. All these photographs are taken with available light, not flash, which makes them that much more attractive.

Dining Room

The bedrooms

The bedrooms are named – The Red Room, The Green Room and so on. This is a great idea, branding the rooms through the interior style, using textures from white lace to vibrant orange. And the photographs reflect this. A wide establishing shot of the room and furniture, followed by a closeup of the furnishings sells the room to the prospective customer subtly, and in style. Low shots stress the bed height and highlight the handpainted art on the wall, while clearly revealing the bed, storage and door detail to the exacting guest.

Red Room
Red Room
Red Room Furnishing
Red Room Furnishing

Similar pictures of the Green Room and the single room complete the visual inventory.

Green Room
Green Room

The Bathrooms

Bathrooms are very often considered purely functional places, an expensive essential to be compactly fitted into the least possible space. In this property, the bathrooms are furnished with all the elements one could desire – abundant natural light, interesting double-basin vanity counter, ornate cabinet for storage, candles on the window sill. While all the pictures present the space beautifully, one picture with the ornate handle in focus shows the owner’s and photographer’s attention to detail. Having bathrooms this size, and furnished lovingly with interesting art and accessories, is a luxury which sets this property apart.



This is a beautiful property, carefully furnished with period and traditional furniture, and photographed thoughtfully. An example for all of us to learn from!