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A Guide for Thai Dining Like a Native

Thai restaurant

A family enjoying dinner at a Thai restaurant

How to have a Thai dinner in a Thai Restaurant

Whether you are eating Thai food in the Land of Smiles, or going out to a Thai restaurant back in the States, the dining experience is enhanced knowing and using proper Thai dining etiquette and ordering correctly.   First, know the basic foundation of Thai food:  There are four seasonings — salty, spicy,

Punjabi by Nature – A Gastronomical Delight

Chicken tikka masala is the most popular Punjabi dish

Punjabi food is the most popular Indian food not only in India but known globally. Punjabi food is known for its innovative cooking technique called tandoor; a hot clay oven cooks breads and dishes which are not only tasty but healthy too.

Chicken tikka masala is the most popular dish in UK and even renowned chefs like Jamie Oliver have tried

Foodie’s Guide to Maharashtra – the land of vada pavs

The most popular and common man’s food – vada pav

Maharashtrian cuisine ranges from being mild to spicy. Maharashtrian cuisine is divided into two, Konkani, and Varadi. Though quite different, both use a lot of seafood and coconut.Maharashtrian meals are scientifically planned and cooked-the golden rule being that the cooking medium must not be seen. The vegetables are more or less steamed and lightly seasoned so as to retain their

God’s own country and some must have dishes in Kerala

Payasam served in a traditional Kerala vessel, urli

Kerala – God’s own country and the land of coconuts is not only known for its nature but also for its distinct cuisine. Kerala’s cuisine is hot, spicy and yet healthy. Natural herbs, spices, and coconut are extensively used while oil and sugar are limited. Artificial additives are hardly ever used. Most dishes are flavored with curry leaves and mustard seeds. The

Karnataka cuisine – going local with regional influence

Masala dosa is a must have dish even on an international list of must haves!

Karnataka cuisine mainly consists of vegetarian dishes and only few non-vegetarian dishes. The meal is served on a banana leaf. There are mainly three staple foods of Karnataka, rice, ragi and jowar. Every region of Karnataka has its own specialty and has been divided into different parts accordingly. Coastal regions of Karnataka take pride in

High on flavors – Goan cuisine

Goa is the most popular destination and its cuisine has gained popularity worldwide. Goan cuisine is not only varied but is also very diverse. The variety in Goan cuisine is influenced by history. Goa was ruled over centuries by the Mughals, Hindu rulers and Portuguese, who have left a permanent mark on the traditional style of Goan cooking and have given it an exotic edge.

Goan staple food – fish

Bengali dishes are beyond sweets! Featuring West Bengal cuisine

Bengali cuisine is a culinary style originating in Bengal, a region in the east of India, which is now divided between the Bangladesh and the West Bengal. Bengali food is one of the most important cuisines in India, which has been majorly influence by history trends. It still holds its authenticity over 1000 years, though they were once ruled by Mughals and British.

Bengali food has inherited a large number

Flavors of Indonesia and its ethnicity

Rice is the staple diet, accompanied with meat, cakes, fried egg, prawn crackers and cucumber/ tomato.

It is no surprise that the food in Indonesia is diverse like its geography. Food in Indonesia has been influenced over centuries by China, Europe and India. European traders were drawn to Indonesia in search of expensive native spices such as nutmeg and cloves. Portuguese introduced peanuts during their colonization; Indians brought curries, the

A royal spread – cuisine of Rajasthan

Rich cuisine – Rajasthani thali will serve minimum 10 or more items

Rajasthani food is influenced by Marwari or warrior culture and also on the availability of ingredients in this water starved region. Food that last for several days was given more preference. Due to the scarcity of water, the cuisine involves use of milk, yogurt or buttermilk and ghee to wet the gravies. Most of the food is prepared

A unique cuisine and going local – Coorg

Coorg, a serene beauty; shaped over centuries by wild forests, fields with clear mountain streams. Amidst them lie the secrets of flavors in Coorg cuisine. A few items to offer, but can humble you with its dexterity. One of my favorite cuisines, Coorgi cuisine is authentic to its taste when ingredients are a definition of indulgence. From wild boar, imperial pigeon, crabs embedded in mud embankments of paddy fields, tender

A unique cuisine from the land of Orissa

“Mahaprasad” is not only sacred food but also very delicious.

Cuisine of Orissa is simple and delicious. Food preparations in the state are almost the same as that of its neighboring states Bihar and West Bengal due to the similar geographical conditions.

Rice is the major food crops and the staple food for the people of Orissa. Vegetables which are grown in plenty too form and integral part of the

A perfect blend of traditional cuisine in modern times – Thailand


Fresh ingredients not only flavor but makes Thai cuisine delectable!

Thai cuisine is essentially a marriage of centuries-old Eastern and Western influences harmoniously combined into something uniquely Thai. Originally, Thai cooking reflected the characteristics of a waterborne lifestyle, aquatic animals, plants and herbs were major ingredients. Large chunks of meat were eschewed. Subsequent influences introduced the use of sizeable chunks to Thai cooking.

With their Buddhist background, Thais shunned

Pahari food in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is dominated by upland climate. The variation in availability of raw materials, environmental conditions clubbed with the time tested traditional knowledge and wisdom have made the people of different regions of the hill state to formulate, develop and perpetuate the wide range of traditional food and beverage unique to its place since ages.  Due to the cold weather meat is preferred by all. But in the different region of

Presenting Salads With a Different Twist

Strawberry & ricotta salad – make your salads look interesting and colorful

Salads have become a basic and a must-have dish for any of the meals. Salads are not only easy to prepare but it is the presentation that should make even the non-salad eaters grab a bite. Salads can be had for all three meals – be it a fruit salad for breakfast or for dessert. A simple Indian

Tips to Choosing the Right Coffee Machine for your Holiday Home Guests

Sipping on a perfect brewed coffee is a morning kick starter for many guests

A coffee machine or a coffee maker is a cooking appliance used to brew coffee without having to boil the water separately. There are different types of coffee machines depending on the brewing principles. However, in most machines, coffee grounds are placed in a paper or metal filter inside a funnel and cold water is poured

Setting a Healthy Menu for Child Guests

Menu setting for kids can be quite tricky. Parents and kids are used to routine, but when they’re out for a holiday, the children eating habits can get disrupted. It is seen that a lot of parents find it difficult to cope with their child’s eating habits after their holiday. A young mother informed us, that her 3 year old son was always on pasta and noodles for their recent

Top tips to consider while preparing a holiday home menu card

Holiday home menu cardIf you are providing meals to guests coming to stay in your holiday home/ homestay, the best way to do away with all ambiguity is by preparing a menu card for them to choose from. While it may seem a difficult task, in actuality a holiday home menu card can be easily prepared based on how equipped your kitchen is, the cook’s expertise and climatic conditions of your locality.


A basic guide to Thai cuisine – Thai curry and ingredients for Thai cooking

Thai food has always been colourful and is influenced from cuisines, all over the world in terms of spices, food presentation, techniques and methods.

Thai food is one of the most popular cuisine and is a preferred choice by many. Thai cuisine is a culinary delight with the use of a lot of local ingredients. It is generally spicy and has many herbs and spices. The reason being that the

Beat the summer heat with a refreshing cocktail – Mojito

Beat the summer heat with a refreshing cocktail – Mojito


Mojito is a refreshing cocktail and can help beat the heat during summer.

Ring out the summer with some colorful blend of lemons, mint, soda. No! I’m not talking about nimbu panni, but a Cuban drink known more popularly as ‘mojito’!

Mojito is a cocktail that consists of lemon, mint, white rum, sugar, club soda or sparkling water and lots and lots of crushed ice. Mojito does not require

Cooking with kids and an easy ice-cream shake recipe

Cooking with kids has always been a fun activity that allows you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It makes your holiday fun while helping your child turn creative. And with the summer vacations round the corner, engaging them in a little bit of cooking can be really fun!

Engage your child in doing simple tasks like mixing, chopping or decorating the finished dish to keep them