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Why Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner can be a Wise Decision

Robotic pool cleanerWhile having a swimming pool can add to the value of a property, cleaning it from time to time can sometimes be a real challenge. Tiny debris get collected on the floor and the side walls of the pool making it very difficult to clean and also takes a toll on the Ph of the water.

While there are several automatic cleaners (like suction and pressure side cleaners) available in

Tankless Water Heaters: Unlimited hot water + Lower Energy Costs.

Tankless water heaterMany holiday home owners are discussing the pros and cons of installing a tankless water heater as opposed to a conventional electric storage heater in their property. So I thought why not give you an understanding whether a tankless water heater is worth the investment.

While there are both gas and electric powered tankless water heaters available in the market, we will take a look at only the gas powered

An Interview with India’s Leading Manufacturer of Wooden Log Houses


Maharaja Environment Technologies, a Mumbai based company has been in the business of building eco-friendly wooden log houses. Their technology transfer and partnership with a 2-decade-old Siberian company makes them the No. 1 manufacturer of log houses in India. Recently we had the opportunity to speak to their Sales Manager, Akash Upadhyay, where we tried to understand what these wooden log houses are all about, the pricing and why

Looking for an Internet connection in Uttarakhand, Himachal – Try AirJaldi

AirJaldi Internet

View of a AirJaldi worker installing a rooftop tower for broadband internet.

We always tell our owners to have an internet connection in their holiday homes, so that guests can stay connected with the world even when they are holidaying. However it is easier said than done when it comes to getting an internet connection in the mountainous region of Uttarakhand and Himachal.

In our pursuit to help our owners

Christina Harris – Our Pick for the Best Developer and Real Estate Agent in Bali

Christina Harris

Christina Harris, Marketing Director of mypropertybali

In an exclusive interview with Holiday Home Times Christina Harris, Marketing Director of myProperty Bali speaks about her company’s projects, the Bali property market in general and what makes the island unique and the most sought-after destination for both buyers and holidaymakers.

The interview…

Firstly, please give us a brief paragraph to introduce you and your company.
We have worked with various specialist developers

Wireless Thermostats and Door Locks – Investing on a Peace of Mind

Wireless thermostatFor owners of vacation rentals who are not stationed in the property, gaining a peace of mind that their property is safe is of utmost importance. So what if one could stay in touch with one’s home from nearly anywhere – you can lock and unlock the door, adjust the thermostat and set up alerts if windows or doors are opened, all from a PC or a compatible smart phone?

Guestroom Electronics – The Entertainment Suite

Today’s hotel guestrooms are loaded with electronics. Homestays, of course, work very well with no electronics at all, as the guest experience expectations are entirely different, but homestays in cities may want to provide the essentials if they want to target a higher ARR (average room revenue).

Electronics in guestrooms are usually categorised into entertainment, communications, guest services, systems and infrastructure. Over the next few stories, we’ll look at all

Tips to Planning Your Retirement Early in Life and Buying a Home to Retire


India retirement destinations

Planning your retirement early in life means that you have a longer investment time-frame and most importantly a higher risk tolerance level.

With so many locations to choose from to retire today, it is actually a great idea to identify the location and buy the property of your choice early in life. The benefits of planning your retirement early are many including freedom from financial liabilities and retiring rich.  

5 Ways to Find Your Dream House Without Real Estate Agents

Finding property without real estate agents

Although real estate agents plays vital role in real estate business, dealing without agents can be a big saver.

Now that you have decided to buy a property, the next step is getting to the right property or seller. You could either take the services of a real estate agent to identify a couple of properties for you and help you in connecting with the sellers or else search for

Should you Buy a Holiday Home to Compete with Hotels?

So you have decided to buy a second home which you would like to not only use as a vacation home for yourself and your family, but also to start your vacation rental business. Because you will be relying on travelers to rent your holiday home, invariably when you are short listing properties to choose from, you will have many questions in your mind like: Does the location witness a

Holiday Homes in the Philippines -What they would cost to buy?

Despite the rise and popularity of condominium units in the Philippines these days, not everyone living in the Philippines is willing to shell out money to own a small piece of a high-rise building. There are still those who want their property in the Philippines to be the traditional house set on their own land. So for those looking to get more than just building space, you can’t go wrong

Cotton fabric tents to add value to your property

Cotton fabric tents to add value to your property


Whether it is just two friends on an overnight hike or a family of five spending a week at the campground, choosing the right fabric tent is of great importance to ensure that any outdoor excursion is a fun-filled adventure. Even for vacation homes when you have a large group staying in your home you can flaunt a cotton fabric tent near the pool and let your guests enjoy

Importance of swimming pool filtration system – choosing the right one

Importance of swimming pool filtration system – choosing the right one

The home swimming pool is probably one of the largest investments most homeowners make, second only to the home itself. Having a swimming pool at your home can no doubt add value, but unless it is properly maintained, it can soon become a liability and an eyesore. And the swimming pool filtration system can be the single-most important equipment you can install to ensure that your swimming pool is good

Featuring gas grills with lava rocks and marinades

Featuring gas grills with lava rocks and marinades

Gas and charcoal grill enthusiasts will argue on why their type is better. The most common answer from charcoal grillers is the flavour.  However, gas griller being more expensive, it also has some advantages when compared to the charcoal ones:

Starts quickly – Most gas grillers are easy to light or ignite with just a push and the griller will be ready to use in less than 10 minutes. The

Stainless steel tableware – great option for casual dining

Stainless steel tableware – great option for casual dining

Stainless steel tablewareGone are the days when stainless steel tableware was considered to be cheap and not appropriate. However in the last couple of years stainless steel tableware has made a comeback and has gained popularity and acceptance amongst the affluent class too – thanks to improvements in quality and availability in various styles and shapes. Today’s stainless steel tableware are available in a wide range of different styles and designs, all

Still Facing Power Outages? Get a Power Inverter for your home!

Still Facing Power Outages? Get a Power Inverter for your home!

Home power inverters

With many brands available in the market, choosing the right inverter based on one’s requirements can be a challenge.

Still undecided whether you should go for a generator or an inverter to do away with the nuisance of power-cuts? Here’s why investing on an inverter can be a good idea:

It goes without saying that an inverter has today become a necessity, rather than a luxury. With power outages becoming

A Guide to Buying an Above the Ground Pool for Your Holiday Home

A Guide to Buying an Above the Ground Pool for Your Holiday Home


Without doubt having a swimming pool can definitely increase the value of your holiday home. But if you have enough outdoor space, but do not have a swimming pool, don’t get disheartened. An above the ground pool at your backyard can still make your holiday home the same fun place for guests as having a swimming pool! Still not sure how? Read on…

If your holiday home/ homestay has

Choosing between a gas or charcoal barbecue grill

Choosing between a gas or charcoal barbecue grill

Gas versus charcoal barbecue grill

A gas barbecue grill also looks elegant than the more basic looking charcoal barbecue grill.

For long many had asked this question: “Should I buy a gas or charcoal barbecue grill?” Well, it’s not like choosing between a BMW and a Mercedes, because the gas barbecue grill has many advantages over the charcoal barbecue grill. So you don’t need to think twice before choosing to buy a gas barbecue grill.

Solar lights: Probably the MOST useful product we have ever reviewed

Solar lights: Probably the MOST useful product we have ever reviewed

Outdoor solar lights

Today outdoor solar lights are greatly improved over the bulky, low-light products sold a few years ago.

Today we are reviewing a product that is so useful and cost-effective, it actually surprises us why more people don’t install them in Asia.

So here’s the scenario: You have a nice farmhouse with a beautiful garden, you have had a great meal and now want to go for a stroll. Unfortunately, across

Tips to choose the right diesel generator to meet your needs

Tips to choose the right diesel generator to meet your needs

Diesel generators

Diesel generators

For long you have been toying with the idea of buying a diesel generator for those hot summer days at your holiday home, when public electricity supply is erratic and you require uninterrupted power to run your appliances for a comfortable stay indoors.

Experts invariably opine that the most economical way to supply power during a power outage is to use a home generator of the appropriate wattage