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Buying a plot in Uttarakhand – latest rules – May 2016 updates


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Many of you will be familiar with our past editor Dhruv Baruah. Dhruv has been following his passion post leaving HHT. He’s recently been spending some time in Uttarakhand and so I felt I should share a recent update from him on things our readers should keep in mind before buying land in Uttarakhand.

From Dhruv – 

During my property search in Uttarakhand I found that there is

Challenges for Americans thinking about Retirement Outside of the US

Retirement moneyIt ain’t like it used to be. Today’s retirees look at the 401K savings they worked so hard on over the years nearly disappear and suffered gigantic equity drops on the home they spent 25+ years paying for each month.  We’re part of the Baby Boomers generation that had so many opportunities in the last part of the last century, only to see it pretty much crumble over the last

What Westerners should know before they decide to Relocate to an Asian Paradise

Fund your retirementUltimately retiring in a tropical island in Asia seems is a dream many Westerners see when they are prepared to take life easy and to leave behind the bone-chilling winters for a place in the sun. Additionally, most of the Asian destinations because of their relatively cheap tag attract a lot of Western expats looking for a good life at a dirt-cheap price (or is it?)!!

Whatever are your reasons,

The Rules to Obtain a Work Permit and Residency Card in Vietnam

HaLongBay VietnamThe provisions for purchasing property rights or leasing a property in Vietnam are directly tied to an individual’s right to reside in Vietnam. It is therefore important to ensure that you can meet the requirements of obtaining a Residency Card in Vietnam before looking at purchasing land rights there. If you wish to work in Vietnam, you will also need to obtain a Work Permit. In this article we outline

Foreign Ownership of Land in Vietnam

Terraced_fields_Sa_Pa_VietnamIn Vietnam, it is not possible to own land privately, regardless of whether you are Vietnamese or a foreigner. All land is owned by the collective people of Vietnam, and the State acts an administrator on behalf of them. It is however possible to own a residential apartment (but not the land) and right to use land in Vietnam, called a Land Use Right (LUR). The rules regarding the ownership

Tips for NRIs in Getting a Safe Deal while Buying Property in India


NRI property guideNRIs may often find it quite daunting to decide on a property and get a safe deal on it. With some many locations to choose from, the traditional manner to request friends, relatives and acquaintances to search for the right one is no longer effective. The saving grace thought today is that many reputed real estate developers have started offering complete services in this regard for NRIs in order

Registering and Transfering Land in Indonesia

Oceanfront land for saleSo you have found your dream home and negotiated with the purchase terms with the seller. It is now time to make sure that your property right is recorded and has been effected correctly, it is important to ensure that you follow the correct process. All land transfers and land title deeds are drafted by a Land Deed Official known as a Pejabat Pembuat Akte Tanah (PPAT), and these can

How To Purchase Freehold Land in Indonesia Through a Nominee

Land for sale signOne way a foreign national can purchase freehold land in Indonesia is through a nominee. This means that ownership of the land is officially held by the Indonesian  nominee and they will have the Land Title Deeds in their name. The nominee can be an Indonesian citizen or legal entity (like a Penanaman Model Asing or PMA Company).

It may sound risky and daunting to give title to your property

Financing Options and Tax Implications for NRIs Buying Property in India

Financing Options and Tax Implications for NRIs Buying Property in India

Real estate lawsThe procedure for NRIs and Person of Indian Origin (PIO) has been greatly simplified for encouraging them to invest in real estate. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and FEMA regulations have categorically specified the kinds of investment that is permitted for NRIs in the real estate segment.

First of all you do not need RBI permission to buy residential or commercial property. You have the permission to carry out

Buying land in Uttarakhand – Restrictions and Certain Land Law amendments

Buying land in Uttarakhand – Restrictions and Certain Land Law amendments

Can one buy land in Uttarakhand? What are the restrictions? Certain amendments had been made to the land laws of the State, but what are they? If these are the questions, the answers of which you are seeking, then read on…

For long we have been receiving queries surrounding land laws of Uttarakhand. So we decided to meet a couple of people who are in the real estate segment to

Know the Satbara Extract (7/12) Before you Buy Land in Maharashtra

Know the Satbara Extract (7/12) Before you Buy Land in Maharashtra

In India there are many different terms in the land acquiring process which are used in certain regions or states and are completely alien in other parts. So for a person who wants to buy a plot in a state or region which he is not familiar with, it’s very important to know the local terms used to do away with all confusion.

One such land record term used in

Non-Himachali Wanting to Buy Land in Himachal Pradesh

Non-Himachali Wanting to Buy Land in Himachal Pradesh

Land for sale sign

There is more to buying a residential plot in Himachal Pradesh for your holiday home than meets the eye.

Although you can now buy your holiday home in places like Kullu, Kasauli and Shimla where developers have come up with some projects, on a broader scale there is a lot of confusion on whether a non-Himachali (non-resident of Himachal Pradesh) can actually buy a plot of land or a house

Pros and Cons of Taking a Multi-Currency Mortgage to Buy your Holiday Home Overseas

Holiday home multi-currency loans

Designed for an international lifestyle, multi-currency mortgages make it easy for holiday home buyers to manage their money in different currencies while you’re living or working in another country.

When looking to buy a property overseas one of the most challenging things to consider is how best to fund your investment so that you can get the most out of your money. One option that is often overlooked is foreign

Homeowner’s Insurance – Reading the Fine Print, Tips before you Purchase

Homeowners insuranceUsually many homeowners fail benefit to foresee the benefits of a home insurance as waste of money. While others do understand its importance, they take one without even taking a look at the fine-print. On many occasions owners came home disappointed, when they realized that despite paying the premiums regularly, when they actually went to claim damage, it was not included in the policy.

In this article we will discuss,

Buying a Property in Costa Rica as a Foreign National


Costa Rica beachfront property

View of a beachfront property in Costa Rica

Acquiring a property in a foreign country may seem an impossible task or even a dream and it can become a very stressful process, especially if you consider some risk factors like language barriers and unfamiliarity with the country’s laws. Ii is a big decision and might be, for some, the biggest decision of their lives! But, I am here to

Rules and Norms to Operate a Homestay in Karnataka

After the recent incident in a Mangalore holiday home and allegations from officials that several accommodations were flouting homestay rules in several parts of Karnataka, particularly in Hassan which sees a lot of plantation homes, we have been receiving queries from many owners asking about the homestay rules, requirements, etc. Holiday Home Times spoke to the Assistant Director, Karnataka State Department of Tourism, Mr. Bhaskar to find answers to questions

Working with Filipino Employees – Rules Employers Should Know

A lot of companies have outsourced most of their business’ tasks to the Philippines because of cheap labor and low cost of living. Filipinos are known to be very hard working, hospitable, trustworthy and cheerful people, that’s why a lot of foreigners even decide to come here to start a business.

Unfortunately, not all Filipino employees are viewed in this light. Some expats have trouble dealing with their Filipino employees

Laws Around Buying Property in the Philippines for Foreigners

Thinking of buying your own property in the Philippines? But what exactly do you need to know about owning property in the Philippines when you are a foreigner?

The thing is, where you are a foreigner, you cannot really own a piece of land in the Philippines. The law prohibits this and, unless you are married to a Filipino you cannot go and purchase real estate properties. However, there are

Holiday Homes in the Philippines -What they would cost to buy?

Despite the rise and popularity of condominium units in the Philippines these days, not everyone living in the Philippines is willing to shell out money to own a small piece of a high-rise building. There are still those who want their property in the Philippines to be the traditional house set on their own land. So for those looking to get more than just building space, you can’t go wrong

Creating Enforceable Holiday Home Rules for Guests

Creating Enforceable Holiday Home Rules for Guests

Holiday home rental invariably means you will be opening the doors of your house – that represent significant monetary and sentimental value – to guests whom you definitely haven’t met before. So trust is the first factor that decides whether you would be renting your property to a set of guests or not. You will definitely have a list of dos and don’ts for guests, which you would like them