Srilanka Property Guide

Country Stats

  • Name: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
  • Area: 65,610 km2
  • Population: 20,277,597
  • Capital City: Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
  • Gross Domestic Product: $233.637 billion
  • Currency: Sri Lankan rupee
  • Major Religions:  Buddhism,Hinduism,Christianity
  • Per Capita Income: $11,069
  • GINI Coefficient: 36.4
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About The Country

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia near south-eastIndia.A diverse and multicultural country, Sri Lanka is home to many religions, ethnic groups, and languages.Sri Lanka has a rich Buddhist heritage. 

Sri Lanka is a republic and a unitary state governed by a presidential system. The legislative capital, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, is a suburb of the commercial capital and largest city, Colombo. An important producer of tea, coffee, gemstones, coconuts,rubber, and the native cinnamon, the island contains tropical forests and diverse landscapes with much biodiversity.

The culture of Sri Lanka dates back over 2500 years. It is influenced primarily by Buddhism and Hinduism. The island is the home to two main traditional cultures: the Sinhalese (centred in the ancient cities of Kandy and Anuradhapura) and the Tamil (centred in the city of Jaffna).

While the national sport in Sri Lanka is volleyball, by far the most popular sport in the country is cricket. Rugby union also enjoys extensive popularity, as do athletics, football (soccer) and tennis.

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