Thavaru in Karnataka – Opportunity to Own a Home in the Lap of Nature

Dharma SomashekarMeet Dharma Somashekar, as she speaks to Holiday Home Times in an exclusive interview about her project – an ethnic retirement home development near Bangalore which in her own words is a chill out place where one can retire to a life of leisure. 

The interview…

Tell us something about the project, Thavaru?
The name of the project is Thavaru and situated near Kolar town in Southern Karnataka. The plan consists of 80 housing units spread across a total area of 5 acres. Each unit with its own central courtyard measures more than 5000 square feet. The concept of the project is to provide spacious courtyard heritage homes where one can relive the nostalgic beauty of a bygone era.  Every unit has four independent suites, measuring 1200 square feet each with a bedroom measuring 15’x 18’, a bath room, an ante room and a wide veranda with kitchenette that overlooks a private garden.

What is the USP of Thavaru? Why should one buy here?
First and foremost, the name, Thavaru, itself is significant. In Kannada, Thavaru means a Home – one’s native place. So we are not building a house per say, but a home for the buyer. Second, is the lot of open space we are providing. Thirdly, unlike most Indian residential developments we don’t believe in vertical structures to accommodate large number of units. All our units have just the ground floor, and even the buyer is not allowed to alter. We make sure of this in the agreement too. Fourth, I would say is our location. It suits the purpose of providing a stress-free and unpolluted luxury living. Nowhere will you see all these put together. Also building on the work of practitioners like Laurie Baker and Hassan Fathy, this architecture based on traditional eco-friendly building techniques, which are culturally and climatically relevant, reflecting the rich native heritage of the region.

What are the facilities/ amenities being offered?
Apart from the fact that our units will be fully furnished, other facilities include a common vegetarian kitchen and dining hall, a Yoga room, and an Ayurvedic center providing massages, pancha karma and other Ayurvedic treatments and a guest house for the visiting relatives. The project follows eco-friendly practices like organic vegetable gardens, rain water harvesting and solar heaters and lighting are also planned.

Tell us something about the location of the project.
Thavaru is situated in backdrop of the virgin mountains, 15 minutes drive from Kolar town. The area has both mythological and historical significance is considered the Eastern gateway to Karnataka. It is famous for its beautiful hills, fortresses and temples. Some areas in Kolar are suitable for adventure sports like trekking, rock climbing and parasailing too. The project is also well connected with the major National Highway 4 (NH4) just half a kilometer away which connects takes you to cities like Bangalore and Chennai. Bangalore in just an hour’s drive and Chennai three hours.

How big is the project? How many units are available?
This 80 suite project is located on a 5 acre plot surrounded by large open land meant for orchards.

What is the project all about? Is it a retirement home?
I would say it is a community living center designed with the aim of providing a space where retirees can live with minimum responsibilities. It’s all about living away from the hustle of the city life, in the quietness of unpolluted fresh air, starry dark skies, yet close enough to the city. Keeping in tune with changing times, the project is an effort to create a space which provides seniors an opportunity to find space in their lives between their children and themselves, as well as to enjoy their own private space. Having put the major responsibilities of life behind, it facilitates a pleasant shift where one can look forward to a new life of peace and leisure, especially for those with children living abroad, it helps to space their life with ease. Although we are targeting the retiree segment which most developers tend to ignore, the project is also open to youngsters looking to get out of the busy city life.

Who is the architect of the project?
The design aspects of the project have be taken care of by the architects of the Center for Vernacular Architecture.

How long will it take to complete the project?
Construction has already started. On an average it will take around 10 to 11 months from the day of booking.

Tell us about the pricing of the units.
Prices are very competitive. Compared to the prices of residential prices of Bangalore, our prices are really attractive. On an average our prices are Rs. 2000 per square feet. This includes the land on which it will be built. However based on the facilities and positioning of the unit, prices may differ. We are also currently offering an inaugural discount (Rs 1800 sq ft) to buyers. I would recommend buyers to get in touch with us to get the exact prices of the units.

How can a buyer get in touch with you?
Buyers can either visit us at our Bangalore office (1188, 3rd Cross, 26th Main, 1st Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore-560078) or call at: +91-9731272624, +91-9972388704. They can even email us at