Tips to get alternative guests during last-minute holiday home cancellations

Offers during cancellations
Offering special deals during last minute cancellations can be a good way to get alternative reservations for your holiday home/ homestay.

Invariably, there will be one off situations when guests might cancel their reservation in your holiday home. Instead of getting disheartened, this is time to act and ensure that your efforts to prepare the holiday home for them don’t go in vain.  Here is what to do:

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Once the cancellation is confirmed and the refunds (if applicable) are made, immediately update your availability calendar on your holiday home rental listing. You don’t want to lose on travelers who are still looking for an accommodation.

DON’T INFORM YOUR CARETAKE YET: You must have asked your part-time caretaker to keep himself available on the day, based on the booking. Now that the booking has been cancelled, you need not hurry to inform him. Instead try to put in your efforts to get a booking during those dates. However give yourself a deadline to get alternative guests during the dates. If you are unable to get any new guests, inform him about the cancelation. Waiting for the last minute might leave you with having to pay him for the dates.  

UPDATE YOUR HOLIDAY RENTAL AD: Once you have updated your availability calendar, also update the description of your holiday home advertisement. Make sure you don’t write about the cancellation. Instead write about what the locality in which your property is located has to offer during that period, in terms of traveler interest. If it’s off-season or the rainy season, write about what guests can do to entertain themselves inside your property.  

GIVE A DEAL/ DISCOUNT: Make sure you give some deal or discounts during the cancelled period. Emphasize this in the description of your holiday home ad. Also call your holiday home listing company and tell them you are offering a discount during those days.

SEND OUT A COUPLE OF EMAILS: Email your past guests and tell them about the discounts you are offering during those days. You can also tell them about the updation of your property since their last stay. If you have added any new facility/ amenities, don’t shy away from putting it on the email. Sometimes even the smallest amenity of a holiday home can attract guests.