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Living Your Dream Series

How Much Money Do You Really Need to Live Comfortably in Chiang Mai?

Of course, like every expat that lives in Thailand, we get asked all the time about how much money it takes to live well...

How Expats can Start a Business in Thailand

A Western expat in Thailand often has to think about making money.  Thailand is for sure a paradise in so many ways, but if...

Dr. Mala Srikanth – Living in Lush Green Mountains of Ranikhet in Uttarakhand

She has traveled the length and breadth of India, seen and stayed in various locales of the country and abroad, before leaving the fast...

The Collapse of the US Dollar and how it will Effect Expats in Thailand

The Dollar is doomed, and is losing its place as a world reserve currency right now.  This will affect those of us with dollar...

On the Road Again: Driving in Thailand

Almost every day, I have this time when I am totally terrified.  It is when I am on the road driving around Chiang Mai. ...

Café Rudra – Where Coffee and Music Enthrall in Kasauli

In all conversations that I had with everyone that I met and spoke to even for about five minutes in Kasauli, ended up with...

Interview with Venkat Matoory an Entrepreneur Living in Kasauli, Himachal

We have been on the road in India and visiting quite some touristy places. We are visiting one of our properties in Kasauli and...

Come Experience the Aroma of the ‘Golden Bean’ in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is known around the world for producing amazing coffee and many coffee lovers will travel to Costa Rica just to experience and...

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