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Citizenship By Investment

Fiji Property and Citizenship Guide

Key Facts: Climate - tropical marine; only slight seasonal temperature variation Population (2020) - 926,276 GDP (Per Capita) (2018) - $5,876 Official language - Fijian, English, Fiji Hindi Major...

Dominica Property and Citizenship Guide

“Dominica has long been in the forefront of ecotourism.” - Everett Porter (National Geographic) Named the Nature Island for its unspoiled tropical beauty, Dominica is...

Cook Islands Property and Citizenship Guide

“The Cook Islands are brimming with beaches worthy of a few relaxing days’ attention” - Brett Atkinson (Lonely Planet) If you're sitting at your desk...

Antigua and Barbuda Property and Citizenship Guide

“Antigua’s coastline is intricate, with bays and headlands fringed with reefs and shoals.” - David Lawrence Niddrie (Britannica) The largest of the English-speaking Leeward Islands...

Seven Best Places To Get Residency And A Second Passport In Europe

The Global Nomad interested in establishing residency or citizenship in Europe. Europe has more options today than ever before, depending on how much time...

Want to get Bahamas Citizenship, then you are just a few formalities away

Bahamian citizenship is given to persons who are: Born in The Bahamas to wedded parents, with either of parents being a Bahamian national. Born to an...

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