The 10-Storey Building which was Completed in 28 Hours


China has overtaken most of the world when it comes to the sheer speed and scale of developing infrastructure and real estate projects. The country is currently home to the largest concentration of skyscrapers in the world.

The latest remarkable feat to come out of the country is a video of a 10-storey earthquake-resistant residential tower being assembled in less than 28 hours. You can watch the video here. Initially shared by the developer of the building, Broad Group, the video shows the building undergoing construction in Changsha and has since garnered a lot of attention on social media.

The company used a technique which has been gaining traction where key components of the building such as rooms and floors are manufactured off-site and the modules are transported to the final assembly area on trucks. This helps with cutting down transport costs, as materials don’t need to be transported back and forth and also aids in speedy construction, which is aptly demonstrated in the video. Each module, when folded, has the same dimensions as a shipping container which makes it very convenient to transport. When they reach the construction site, each unit is stacked on top of each other and is bolted in place to form the final building. The only thing required after that is to connect the water and electricity. 

The company has stated that the building is earthquake resistant and can be disassembled and transported to another location, if needed. They also claim that the same technology can be used on a larger scale to erect skyscrapers as tall as 200 floors.


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