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Hak Guna Bangunan and Hak Milik – 2 Local Terms Related to Foreign Property Ownership in Indonesia


Karang Saujana Bali

Buying a property as a foreign national can be very stressful unless you are aware of the local property terms prevalent in the island.

It has always been a point of discussion on the complexity of Indonesian property laws pertaining to foreign ownership. The local property terms are difficult to comprehend and you might find buying a property in this tropical paradise stressful, time consuming and frustrating.

Not anymore

Top Emerging Countries in Asia you should Consider Relocating to

Fund your retirementAsia, especially Southeast Asia, owing to its natural beauty, pristine beaches, a favorable climate and relatively low cost of living, is a popular destination for retirees and expatriates for several decades. In addition, the region hosts a blend of old-world tradition and modernity that many find desirable.

For many years, it was only Thailand and Malaysia that topped of the list for retirees with both countries offer attractive visas, several

In Conversation with Robert Green from A&KIE on Asia’s Holiday Home Market

Robert GreenAbercrombie & Kent, the world’s leading luxury travel company, has recently launched its venture, Abercrombie & Kent International Estates marking its new business to market and sell exclusive residential properties from around the world, including private homes and resort residences. We spoke to Robert Green, General Manager, Abercrombie & Kent International Estates on the Asian markets they have shortlisted, why they have chosen these locations and most importantly what it

Bali: “The Best Real Estate Market in The World” – Dominique Gallmann of Exotiq Property

Established in 2002, Exotiq is much more than just a real estate agent in Bali.  They are brand that is focused on helping people establish a lifestyle in paradise. Dominique Gallmann knows just how to do this because he did it himself. Settling in Bali in 1993, he founded Exotiq in 2002 and is now responsible for its property division. I spoke to Dominique recently about his observations of the

Developer Overview: Tropis Living in North Bali

For anyone who has visited Bali, the idea of owning their own holiday  villa there has almost certainly crossed their mind.  With pristine beaches, balmy tropical weather and a relaxed lifestyle, Bali really is the perfect holiday destination.  With its close proximity to Australia and the rest of South East Asia and the proliferation of low cost airlines, Bali is also easy to reach regularly for many making it a

Guide to Buying an Apartment or Condominium in Indonesia

Indonesia condoWhilst foreigners cannot purchase freehold land in Indonesia, it is possible to own an interest in an apartment or condominium.  Under Government Regulation No 41 of June 1996, it is possible for a foreigner who resides in Indonesia, or visits regularly for business, to purchase an apartment or condominium provided it is not part of a government subsidised housing development, and provided that they do not own the underlying land,

How To Purchase Property in Indonesia Through a Company

Lombok IndonesiaOne of the most secure ways to purchase property in Indonesia is through a Penaman Model Asing (PMA) Company, which can be 100% controlled by foreigners.  This is essentially foreign direct investment, where the PMA Company can operate for 30 years after its formation. A PMA can be granted an additional 30 years to operate if it expands its project with additional investment.

The Company is also given the Right

Registering and Transfering Land in Indonesia

Oceanfront land for saleSo you have found your dream home and negotiated with the purchase terms with the seller. It is now time to make sure that your property right is recorded and has been effected correctly, it is important to ensure that you follow the correct process. All land transfers and land title deeds are drafted by a Land Deed Official known as a Pejabat Pembuat Akte Tanah (PPAT), and these can

How To Purchase Freehold Land in Indonesia Through a Nominee

Land for sale signOne way a foreign national can purchase freehold land in Indonesia is through a nominee. This means that ownership of the land is officially held by the Indonesian  nominee and they will have the Land Title Deeds in their name. The nominee can be an Indonesian citizen or legal entity (like a Penanaman Model Asing or PMA Company).

It may sound risky and daunting to give title to your property

Buying Property in Bali: The Difference Between Condotels and Villas

There are several different types of property that you can purchase or acquire an interest in, two of the most popular recently are Villas and Condotels. Understanding the differences between these two types of property is important to inform your investment decision, and ensure that you have the holiday home that you want in paradise.

Buying property in Bali can also be complicated, particularly with Indonesia’s regulations around foreign ownership

Holiday Home Hotspots in Bali

What could sound better than owning a small piece of heaven in Bali. As some savvy investors have known for years, Bali offers great value for money particularly when compared to other popular holiday spots in nearby Australia and New Zealand. In particular, villas have really taken off here, combining the privacy and comfort of a holiday home with the luxury of a resort.

The Balinese property market has seen

Christina Harris – Our Pick for the Best Developer and Real Estate Agent in Bali

Christina Harris

Christina Harris, Marketing Director of mypropertybali

In an exclusive interview with Holiday Home Times Christina Harris, Marketing Director of myProperty Bali speaks about her company’s projects, the Bali property market in general and what makes the island unique and the most sought-after destination for both buyers and holidaymakers.

The interview…

Firstly, please give us a brief paragraph to introduce you and your company.
We have worked with various specialist developers

Flavors of Indonesia and its ethnicity

Rice is the staple diet, accompanied with meat, cakes, fried egg, prawn crackers and cucumber/ tomato.

It is no surprise that the food in Indonesia is diverse like its geography. Food in Indonesia has been influenced over centuries by China, Europe and India. European traders were drawn to Indonesia in search of expensive native spices such as nutmeg and cloves. Portuguese introduced peanuts during their colonization; Indians brought curries, the

Ana Gaby on life as an expat in the Indonesia capital of Jakarta

Ana GabyThis week we spoke to Ana Gaby, a Mexican by birth and now settled in the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta. In an exclusive interview to us, she tells us about her love for traveling, life as an expat in South-east Asia, and what foreign nationals can expect and watch out for when they travel to or decide to settle in this part of the globe.

The interview…

Please tell

Malcolm Scott on Life as an Expat in Bali

In an exclusive interview with Holiday Home Times, Australia-born Malcolm Scott talks about his journey from his native country to Indonesia, about life in Bali, his recently released book and what expats can look forward to in this resort island.

The interview…


Bali coastline

The picturesque coastline of Bali

Please tell us something about your background – personal and professional.
My Name is Malcolm Scott and I am author of

The Layar – Paradise Property’s Private Pool & Jacuzzi Villa Project in Seminyak, Bali


After the successful launch of first phase, Paradise Property, Bali has recently launched the second phase of its development comprising 23 private pool and Jacuzzi villas, each with its own garden, pool, and Jacuzzi. Located in the heart of the most sought after area of Bali, Seminyak, the The Layar project is an unique combination of two different worlds combined in harmony through the design of each villa –

Obtaining Indonesian Residency and Employment Visa


Bali airport

View of a statue amidst a fountain close to Bali airport, Denpasar, Indonesia. Indonesia sees a lot of expats retiring in the country.

Before we take a look at the requirement of obtaining a residency and employment visa of Indonesia, let us first look at the different types of resident visas issued by the government of Indonesia. Ideally there are four types of resident visas issued by the government

Obtaining an Indonesia Retirement Visa

Indonesia retirement visaFor foreign nationals who have reached the age 55 years and their countries are included in the 55 countries obtaining retirement visa facility from the government of Indonesia, they can use the Retirement Visa to stay in the country for 1 year and can subsequently obtain the KITAS card from the immigration office.

This retirement visa may be extended every year for 6 consecutive years and afterwards they can obtain