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The Myths and Truths of Retiring in Asia

  Several overseas retirement myths keep many expats working when they could easily be retired. When you are preparing to leave the shores and arrive...

Retiring to Asia – What you Need to Know About Healthcare Facilities in Asia

Once retired and settled in a tropical destination in Asia, the first and foremost thing to take care of is your health and healthcare...

Why Many Overseas Retirement Plans go Wrong

For many retiring overseas is a dream they want to realize sooner rather than later. While for most expats who go an adventure to...

Challenges and Ideas for an Expat in Opening a Small Business in Thailand

Alluring landscapes, charming people and rich Asian culture—Thailand is a paradise in many ways. But, like anywhere else, if you don’t have money in...

Challenges for Americans thinking about Retirement Outside of the US

It ain’t like it used to be. Today’s retirees look at the 401K savings they worked so hard on over the years nearly disappear...

What Westerners should know before they decide to Relocate to an Asian Paradise

Ultimately retiring in a tropical island in Asia seems is a dream many Westerners see when they are prepared to take life easy and...

Are you Really cut out to Retire or Relocate Abroad?

On an average, thousands leave their countries each year to go in search of a new life abroad with most leaving their countries being...

Find out How Much Money You Need to Retire

Whatever our age, we need to plan our retirement – there is no argument to that. Whether we start planning early or late in...

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