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Holiday home Rental Basics

10 Things Holiday Home Owners Should Know About the Average Traveler

Simply because they don’t want what’s offered in a hotel room, they choose to stay in a holiday home. So you needn’t (shouldn’t to...

Evaluating Holiday Home Guests Using Social Media before you Rent Out

Social media background checking is commonplace today, with many companies especially employers, using it to screen job applicants. Social media profiles are the norm...

Catering to Older Travelers – Preparing your Holiday Home, Some Tips

Just to give you the sense of what catering to senior travelers mean to your holiday home rental business here is a fact: more...

Accommodating early check-ins and How wrong things can go

Do you usually encounter situations where guests arrive at your holiday home several hours before the scheduled check-in time? Have you ever wondered why...

Factors That Affect Your Income From Your Holiday Rental Business

The most frequent questions we get from our readers are: "How much will I earn by renting my holiday home? Or "How much should...

Tips to Making That First Good Impression With Guests

For owners of vacation rentals/ homestays building a long-lasting impression that compels a traveler to book the property in very important. In the vacation...

Reasons Why Owners Receive Negative Reviews and How to do Away With These

  Negative reviews not only give a bad impression of the owner, but also on the property and can have long-term effects on one’s vacation...

Dealing With Neighbors Who Keep Complaining About Your Guests

Nothing can possible go more wrong than a pesky neighbor of your holiday home complaining about guests to the homeowner association or the local...

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