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Guide To Holiday Renting

Airbnb House Rules: Being Firm yet nice in telling Guests to Leave your Property

We're going to this week cover a tricky topic - Airbnb House rules around cleaning during check out. Have you have encountered guests who...

Ways to Make your Second Home Ready to Receive Guests

For many second home owners, getting their property ready to rent out to travelers is a task they keep postponing thinking that it will...

10 Things Holiday Home Owners Should Know About the Average Traveler

Simply because they don’t want what’s offered in a hotel room, they choose to stay in a holiday home. So you needn’t (shouldn’t to...

Setting up Your Living Room – Choosing the Right Sofa and Accessorizing with Benches and Coffee Tables

The living room which is today considered as a by TremendousSale" href="#78192848"> family room no longer holds the formal touch it used to in...

Evaluating Holiday Home Guests Using Social Media before you Rent Out

Social media background checking is commonplace today, with many companies especially employers, using it to screen job applicants. Social media profiles are the norm...

Let your holiday rental income pay your 2nd home mortgage

Buying your second home was perhaps the easiest part compared to what it is afterwards. With every property comes a list of expenses which...

What type of property should I buy for holiday home rental?

Before you decide to buy a property, it makes sense to decide what is best for you or in short you need to be...

Making the Most of Holiday Home Times

Welcome to the Holiday Home Times. Holiday Home Times was born of the realization that you can live a more fun life at a...

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