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Welcome to the Holiday Home Times. Holiday Home Times was born of the realization that you can live a more fun life at a lower budget if you swap your primary home in a big city with life in a holiday town. Why do then more of us not do this? As I tried to understand this the answers were many – in some cases, it was just legally difficult to relocate to another country or town, in others they were dependent on their job in the big city for their livelihood and in many other cases people were limited by their skills or imagination – they just could not figure out what they could do to make money to live a good life somewhere outside their current profession. 

We decided to make Holiday Home Times the leading resource for those who are contemplating making this shift – by helping them invest in tourism assets that generate steady significant income while providing a great lifestyle. 

Our regular readers are thus busy professionals and entrepreneurs with a bigger goal and life plan usually accompanying this investment desire and we try to be conscious of that.

For your benefit, I’ve put together some tips on how to use Holiday Home Times:-


We’ve split the website into roughly four sections – The Investment Guides – for those who are looking to buy a holiday home and are researching the rules, legalities and various other aspects around the process of buying one, The Country Guides – These are organized by the country where typically we will have a summary as well as a detailed article on areas related to your purchase, tax and establishing residency in the country – all of which are important as you decide to make this purchase. The other major section is broadly on How to Make Money from your Holiday Home – In this, we cover the various aspects around Holiday Renting – things to think through before getting into the business, tools to use, products you could use, tips on Interior Design, Hospitality and even some recipes. In addition to these – we have the Editorial Section – which has both letters from us to you, some guest opinion pieces that will try to give you an alternative perspective, interviews to share best practices and difficult to find information as well as our very loved “Living the Dream” series that profiles those who have already bought their dream home and are now living the dream.

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We hope you enjoy the Holiday Home Times experience. For any assistance, please feel free to write to us at – We love responding to your emails.

~Roshan D’Silva

Publisher, Holiday Home Times

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