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Places to look for your second home

When the time comes to look for a second home, we all have different ideas about what constitutes a second home. Most people will...

Five best holiday home buying tips

Whether you are buying property to be used as a holiday home or a regular investment with full-time tenants, the real estate market is...

10 Things Holiday Home Owners Should Know About the Average Traveler

Simply because they don’t want what’s offered in a hotel room, they choose to stay in a holiday home. So you needn’t (shouldn’t to...

Evaluating Holiday Home Guests Using Social Media before you Rent Out

Social media background checking is commonplace today, with many companies especially employers, using it to screen job applicants. Social media profiles are the norm...

South East Asia Holiday Residences Market Grows Rapidly – $16bn in Value now

A new report by C9 Hotelworks - one of the leading hospitality analysts in South East Asia sheds some light on the rapidly expanding...

Are we in the midst of one of the Riskiest times to invest in Real Estate?

If you talk to most people, you will see many suggesting that this may be the time to buy real estate. In places like...

Size matters – get the size of your holiday home right!

After you have zeroed down on the location to buy your holiday home. It’s now time to decide the size of the property. The...

Tips for choosing the right location to buy your holiday home

Choosing the right location is very important for any property acquisition. When it comes to purchasing a holiday home where you intend spending vacations...

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