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Webinar Sum-up: Portugal Golden Visa as a stepping stone to Europe.

In this interesting webinar, the founder of Tripvillas, Mr. Roshan D'Silva was in conversation with Mr. Darryl Periera, CEO of Reira Ventures and Mr....

Webinar Sump-up: Real Estate Opportunities in Gujarat

During this interview, we were joined by Abhishek Dalal, who is the founder and partner of Dalal Gruh and Infra Projects - the developers...

L2: Becoming a Landlord

Landlords grow rich in their sleep. – John Stuart Mill The above quote is insightful and should wake up most people who compare real estate...

L1: The First Letter: Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investing

Hi Everyone, I’m excited to be doing this. I know most of you must be enjoying spending quality time with your families. We’re at a...

Webinar Sum-up: Real Estate Opportunities around Mumbai

Hi everyone, welcome to this exclusive subscriber briefing by holiday home times. I'd like to also welcome Mr. Agnelo Rajesh, one of India's most...

Impact and Opportunities post Covid-19 for Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals

The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a significant impact on the global hospitality industry and so it's natural to infer that it might have had...

Freedom, Culture and Iced Coffee: Kevin Miller on Living in Vietnam

Vietnam has been a popular destination for expats for many years, with its tropical climate and welcoming culture, but what is it really like...

What Does it Cost to Live in Vietnam?

So you are thinking of moving to Vietnam, or spending at least a few months a year there, and want to know how much...

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