Webinar Sum-up: Fractional Ownership of Property


This exciting webinar about fractional ownership of property was conducted on the 24th of April, 2021, exclusively by the Holiday Home Times. It was streamed live and is currently available on our Facebook page and our Youtube channel as well as in the video box below.

Fractional Ownership is a concept that has been gaining in popularity in recent years. It essentially refers to the risk and ownership of high-value tangible assets like property or rare cars by several unrelated parties, thus reducing the risk between them and maximising on the value of that asset.

We had two speakers for this webinar, with plenty of experience in the real estate, fractional ownership and project management fields between them. The first speaker is Darren Younger, who is the CEO of Bricklet, a disruptive property tech innovation company in Australia. He’s in charge of launching their platform so more people can enjoy the opportunities to purchase property and diversify their property investments. The second speaker is Richard Butler who is a resort property development specialist with over 40 years of real estate experience in the South Pacific islands and Australia. His expertise is used for concept theme and planning approvals, construction & project management and off plan selling as well as resort management and resort marketing, media placement, source funding and introducing investors.  From 2012 to 2015 and again from 2017 to 2019 he was appointed as a Trade Commissioner to promote investment for large tourist resorts and infrastructure into the Republic of Vanuatu. Both of them are based out of Sydney, Australia.

Another topic which was covered was an overview of Dugong Resort in Vanuatu which is a resort and residency that is located at Teouma Bay, near Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Situated beside a reef, people can experience exotic leisure activities such as scuba diving, snorkling and fishing as well as more traditional activities such as cultural tours and horseback riding.


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