How to register under Bed and Breakfast Scheme in Maharashtra


About Maharashtra Bed and Breakfast scheme

Due to the extreme inflow of domestic and international tourists within the state interiors, the Maharashtra tourism department has launched a bed and breakfast scheme to help them get standard accommodations with reasonably priced local delicacies and cuisine while they visit. This scheme also intends to increase the income of the homestay owners and provide safety to the visitors. 

Important Guidelines for the Scheme

  • Out of certain designated tourist destinations by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, tourist will get accommodation and food facilities under the scheme of “Bed and Breakfast”. 
  • Bungalows/rooms/Heritage homes etc. should be registered in the name of the applicant. In case the applicant is not the owner, then a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the owner should be produced. The owner can give such a letter to only one person. 
  • Approved applicant/owner should provide a minimum of 04 and a maximum of 10 beds facility on the property.
  • The houses/bungalows/heritage homes etc., which are to be provided for accommodation should be clean and tidy which should be easily accessible. 
  • Houses/Bungalows/heritage homes construction should be in a well-maintained condition and should be safe to be used. 
  • The owner should keep a responsible person to manage the property and he/ she should be staying at the property itself. He would also be responsible for providing services to tourists.
  • These houses/bungalows should have all basic necessary amenities like furniture, fittings, beds, electrical connections, curtains, lights, etc. The rooms should be well-ventilated. 
  • The rooms should not be crowded with more than the required number of beds and it should be comfortable for the tourists to stay. 
  • The owner should take care of the safety and security of the tourists and their belongings. 
  • Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation officials or authorized persons will have the right to visit and inspect the property within their Registration period. 
  • Owner should make a note of all the details of the tourists staying at their property; Photo ID, Name, Address, check-in, and check-out dates, etc. He should also keep feedback and complaints book which has to be made available to the officials during their visit.
  • In case of any complaints regarding the Guidelines of the scheme or bad behavior towards tourists, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation has the right to cancel the registration if found true during the inspection. However, the Applicant/owner has the right to give an explanation of the situation. 

Rules for Registration Application

  • The applicant has to provide proof of ownership of the property. If the applicant is not the owner of the property, he has to get a “No Objection Certificate” from the owner. The owner can provide such a certificate to only one person.
  • If the property is a part of any housing society or if the owner is a member of the society, he has to take permission in advance from the society to provide accommodation to tourists. The owner should take care that no disturbance or nuisance is created to other members due to tourists. 
  • Minimum 04 beds and maximum 10 beds should be available at the property; wherein the dimension of the 2 bedded rooms should be 120sq.ft. 
  • Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation officials or authorized persons would first inspect the property to know if it is fit for tourist use before giving approval for registration. 


As per G.R. of ‘Tourism and Cultural Affairs Department’ Government of Maharashtra, GR No. TDM 2011/7/Pra.Kra.441/ Ministry of Tourism, Mumbai. Dated 30/10/2011.

Documents to be submitted for registration/renewal

  • Duly filled application forms as per the given format. 
  • Undertaking as per the formate along with Annexure ‘A’ & ‘B’ (Page No. 9-11) 
  • Registration/Renewal fees for Five years is Rs. 5,000/- (Submit a DD in favor of ‘Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.’ 
  • Electricity bill, water bill, or landline telephone paid bills for last month.
  • Current year 7/12 Utara (Extract) / Property card. 
  • Architect Plan. 
  • No objection certificates from two neighbors/society.
  • Pictures from all four sides of the rooms as well as property applied under the Scheme, along with the Family Photo of the Applicant, Photo of the Manager.
  • Room rates. (Page No. 12)
  • Menu Card with rates
  • Information about all the facilities provided to tourists. (Page No. 7-8) 
  • Latest Tax receipt of Local Government 
  • “Character certificate” of the Owner of the property from Police Patil/ Police Inspector/ Superintendent of Police. 
  • The registration certificate will be issued only after Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation officials / authorized persons submit a positive report on the facilities provided by the applicant. The procedure might take up to 45 days after applying with all necessary documents.

Registration process 

The Tourism and Cultural Affairs Department(MTDC) offers online facilities for the Registration and Renewal of the Bed and Breakfast scheme. Users are required to follow the instructions mentioned while filling up the form. Online registration offered by the government is to ease the process for the users. The portal offers two languages- English and Marathi. However, you can also submit the application form to the Maharashtra Tourist Development Corporation with the necessary documents. 

Click on the PDF below to download the Bed and Breakfast booklet and application form. 

To get more information & assistance with registering under the bed and breakfast scheme of Maharashtra Tourism, please submit the form below and our specialist will get in touch with you at the earliest.  


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