Minimal Tips for Minimal Interior Design


In today’s day and age, most aspects of life whether it is your own health, brand logos, ads or content that you watch online are centered around a specific theme – How to be as Minimal as possible. This definitely holds true for interior design as well. Just like how you look at cutting out any excesses in your personal life, the same should be said for your interiors. Being Minimal has a variety of perks such as experiencing less stress, having less clutter around to distract you and being more productive and feeling lighter as a result. Keeping the message of minimalism in mind, here are a few tips to minimalize your interiors and give it an ultra-fresh look:

1. Declutter & Simplify

This is the central pillar of minimal interior design. You can start by looking around and observing what doesn’t deserve a place in your house and this can range from piles of old files that haven’t been used since 2002, old pieces of furniture that aren’t gelling with the vibe, and anything else that you could deem unnecessary. This will also give you a clearer idea of the concise dimensions of your house and will enable you to get more ideas on what you’d want the rest of the decor to be like.

2. Empty Spaces can go a Long Way

The ethos of minimalism is to be minimal so that means you don’t need to cram furniture into every corner or a painting on every inch of wall. Having a few well-placed empty spaces can contribute to the feeling of lightness and openness. 

3. Quality over Quantity

Having a minimal interior will highlight the few pieces of furniture or accessories you do have so choose wisely. You will need to choose high-quality pieces but you don’t fret because you won’t need to buy that much in keeping with the minimal theme. This is where you will need to have a clearer picture about the direction you want to steer in. Choose furniture that provides a well-matched contrast to the paint of the walls so that it will complement it. Purchasing high-quality items will also stand the test of time better than normal furniture so you won’t have to replace them as often and they are at less risk of looking shabby or old school anytime soon.


4. Choose the Right Colour Palette

Being minimal does not mean being boring. You can experiment with different colour palettes. Ideally, they should have more pastel hues so that it can blend seamlessly into the walls, while also providing that hint of colour. However, if you choose a particular colour theme, you should commit whole-heartedly because it is very easy for colours to jar against each other. 

5. Experiment with Textures

To avoid being a little too minimal – yes there is such a thing – you can shake things up by adding a little texture to your furniture, paintings or other accessories you choose so that a feeling of depth gets created. It will also subconsciously play on the senses by adding hidden touches for people to perceive when they walk into the house. Examples are textured rugs, paintings with textured canvases and rough cushion covers. 

6. Make the Most out of Storage Space

Storage is the main thing that can add a cluttered feel to your minimalist home. Your home is filled with storage space if you know where to look. For example, the space underneath the staircase, hidden cupboards with sliding doors and multi-purpose furniture can all be good storage areas. You can also add minimal shelving units for books and other knick-knacks that you’d want to showcase.

7. Accessorize by Adding your Own Flavour

Minimal accessories are available a’plenty in any self respecting interior store. You just need to add a bit more of your personality into the mix. This could include sentimental items and other pieces of uniqueness to finish off your minimal home.

We hope these tips can help you get the most out of the interior design in your home and we have tried to make this article as minimal as possible so you can get started right away. Happy Decorating!

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