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My Second Home Malaysia

My Second Home Malaysia

Malaysia has had one of the best economic records in Asia since its independence. Malaysia’s GDP has been growing at an average of 6.5% per annum for almost 50 years. The economy is expanding in the sectors of science, tourism, commerce and medical tourism. Today, Malaysia has a newly industrialized market economy, ranked third largest in Southeast Asia and 29th largest in the world.

It is one of the key …

Top Emerging Countries in Asia you should Consider Relocating to

Fund your retirementAsia, especially Southeast Asia, owing to its natural beauty, pristine beaches, a favorable climate and relatively low cost of living, is a popular destination for retirees and expatriates for several decades. In addition, the region hosts a blend of old-world tradition and modernity that many find desirable.

For many years, it was only Thailand and Malaysia that topped of the list for retirees with both countries offer attractive visas, several

An Interview with Erika Oktora on Living in the Developing Locations of Johor

Erika OktoraAfter staying in Singapore for about 12 years, Erika Oktora, decided to move to East Ledang in Malaysia’s Johor state which is about an hour’s drive from Singapore. Today she still works in Singapore and commutes daily from her home in Johor. She pens her experiences in her blog, Living in Johor, which is indeed a must-read for those who are planning to shift base here. We spoke to

Top Locations in Malaysia to Buy a Holiday Home

Malaysia holiday home property

View of properties on sale in a gated community in Malaysia

A survey conducted early this year by global real estate consultancy Knight Frank, CNBC had ranked Malaysia ninth on the world’s top ten hottest real estate markets’ list. And why not? Malaysia’s five-year price growth was recorded at 28.5 percent and with more and more foreign nationals coming to the country either to lead a retired life or for

Jacques Duquesne – An Expat’s Life in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur


An expatriate specialist and founder of the website; meet Jacques Duquesne, as he speaks to Holiday Home Times in an exclusive interview about his journey from France to Asia where he has been staying since 2004, and life in Kuala Lumpur, the city which he now loves to call his home.

The interview…

Please tell us something about your background – personal and professional.
I am from the

Michele Chan-Thomson on life as an expat in Malaysia’s Penang


Meet Michele Chan-Thomson, a home-maker and a blogger by choice as she speaks to us in an exclusive interview about life as an expat in Penang, one of the leading tourist destinations in South-east Asia.

The interview…

Please tell us something about your background – personal and professional.
I’m a Chinese-American who was born and raised in the United States. My husband and I have three kids, and I’ve

Obtaining Malaysian Residency and Employment Visa

Malaysia resident visaTo apply for permanent residency in Malaysia one must first stay in the country continuously for at least 5 years under a valid Entry Permit, or at least 10 years in the case of foreign husbands of Malaysian citizens. Any foreign person over the age of 21 can apply to the National Registration Department to become a citizen of Malaysia by naturalization if they have been a permanent resident for

Retiring in Malaysia – MM2H rules and benefits

Kuala Lumpur

View of the city of Kuala Lumpur

Owing to Malaysia’s warm tropical climate, inviting shorelines of pure white sands, friendly locals, low cost of living, excellent healthcare facilities, great roads, and cheap transport, the country has been a retiree’s preferred location to spend his sunset years. And that’s not all! Malaysia government’s Malaysia, my 2nd home programme has a lot to offer for foreigners who want to spend their life

Buying property in Malaysia – special emphasis on foreigners

Malaysia My Second HomeOf late there has been talks of the Malaysian government toying with the idea of doubling the entry price at which foreigners can buy property in the country from RM500,000 (about £100,000) to RM1 million. The new rules have not yet been implemented, and so currently it is relatively cheap to buy a house or apartment in Malaysia.

There are several reasons why foreign nationals choose Malaysia as their investment

Malaysians more likely to buy second homes: survey

A recent survey has revealed that property owners from Malaysia are more likely to own a second home than their peers in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Results from a survey conducted by the property website, iProperty Group, revealed that Malaysians are more likely to own two or more properties compared to property owners in Singapore, Indonesia or Hong Kong.

The percentages of property searchers owning two or more properties in