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Freedom, Culture and Iced Coffee: Kevin Miller on Living in Vietnam

Kevin MillerVietnam has been a popular destination for expats for many years, with its tropical climate and welcoming culture, but what is it really like to live there? We spoke to Kevin Miller, an American who first visited Vietnam 9 year ago to do some volunteer work and never left. He lives in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City and works as a consultant and teacher.

You have lived in Read the rest “Freedom, Culture and Iced Coffee: Kevin Miller on Living in Vietnam”

What Does it Cost to Live in Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh City So you are thinking of moving to Vietnam, or spending at least a few months a year there, and want to know how much it costs to live in Vietnam. The answer to this can be “how long is a piece of string”, after all you can live like a king or a pauper in this diverse country.  Your budget will vary depending upon where you choose to live, for Read the rest “What Does it Cost to Live in Vietnam?”

The Rules to Obtain a Work Permit and Residency Card in Vietnam

HaLongBay VietnamThe provisions for purchasing property rights or leasing a property in Vietnam are directly tied to an individual’s right to reside in Vietnam. It is therefore important to ensure that you can meet the requirements of obtaining a Residency Card in Vietnam before looking at purchasing land rights there. If you wish to work in Vietnam, you will also need to obtain a Work Permit. In this article we outline Read the rest “The Rules to Obtain a Work Permit and Residency Card in Vietnam”

Foreign Ownership of Land in Vietnam

Terraced_fields_Sa_Pa_VietnamIn Vietnam, it is not possible to own land privately, regardless of whether you are Vietnamese or a foreigner. All land is owned by the collective people of Vietnam, and the State acts an administrator on behalf of them. It is however possible to own a residential apartment (but not the land) and right to use land in Vietnam, called a Land Use Right (LUR). The rules regarding the ownership Read the rest “Foreign Ownership of Land in Vietnam”