Need Cambodian Citizenship, here is what you need to know.

Living in Kingdom of Cambodia is not an easy task, it requires lot of verification and you have to fulfill lot of requirements.  But with such lovely climate, its beauty and friendly behavior of locales, it is worth fulfilling all their requirements, so to make your expat-life happy and beautiful.

One can apply for Cambodian Citizenship, if,

A foreign man or women may to a Khmer wife or husband and living for atleast 3 years together, after registration of a marriage certificate. A formality and procedure for such demand shall be determined by Sub-decree. Khmer citizens shall not lose their Khamr Citizenship for marrying a foreigner.

Also you can apply for Khmer Citizenship through Naturalization, if he fulfills certain requirement:

  1. Certifying that you have good behavior and moral conduct issued in your own resident country.
  2. You should have certification of past criminal records which stated that you are never convicted of any criminal offence.
  3. You should have worked or lived in country for past 7 Years.
  4. You should have your residence in the Kingdom of Cambodia at the time of applying for citizenship.
  5. You should be able to speak Khmer, know Khmer scripts and have sufficient knowledge of Khmer history and you have to prove clear evidence that you live in harmony with society as well as you should follow Khmer custom and tradition. A proficiency test is conducted to prove all this.

Also a foreigner born in Cambodia, the minimum period of 7 years is decreased to 3 years.

Also if you are investing in a project or have already invested more than 1,250,000,000  and received a letter for investment from the Cambodian Development Council (CDC)  Riels, then period of minimum living shall be exempted.

Or, if you have donated in cash to the national budget 1,000,000,000 Riels for development of the country, then you may also apply for country’s citizenship, until  above 5 conditions are fulfilled.

Also, if you have achieved some special merit or achievement for the the Kingdom of Cambodia, you may apply directly for Khmer citizenship without fulfilling above 5 requirements.

Naturalization which is granted to any person, shall be decided by a Royal-Decree. The formality and procedure for applying for naturalization, shall be determined by a Sub-decree.

Those who got authorization for citizenship shall take an oath before the supreme court.