Vietnam Property Guide

Country Stats

  • Name: Vietnam
  • Area: 331,210 km²
  • Population: 89.71 million
  • Capital City: Hanoi
  • Gross Domestic Product: 171.4 billion USD
  • Currency: Vietnamese dong
  • Major Religions: Buddhist, Confucianism, Christianity, Taoism and Islam, Caodaism
  • Per Capita Income: 5,070 PPP dollars
  • GINI Coefficient: 35.6
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About The Country

Vietnam occupies the eastern and southern part of the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia, with the South China Sea along its entire coast.The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, along with China, Cuba, Laos, and North Korea, is one of the world's five remaining single-partysocialist states officially espousing communism.

During the winter or dry season, extending roughly from November to April, the monsoon winds usually blow from the northeast along the Chinese coast and across the Gulf of Tonkin, picking up considerable moisture. Consequently, the winter season in most parts of the country is dry only by comparison with the rainy or summer season.

Vietnam has a wide variety of transportation network including Air, Road, Railway and Water.

Traditional Vietnamese music varies between the country's northern and southern regions. Northern classical music is Vietnam's oldest musical form, and is traditionally more formal.

Vietnam has become a major tourist destination since the 1990s, assisted by significant state and private investment, particularly in coastal regions.

The Vovinam and Bình Định martial arts are widespread in Vietnam,[182] while soccer is the country's most popular team sport.[183] Its national team won the ASEAN Football Championship in 2008. Other Western sports, such as badminton, tennis, volleyball, ping-pong and chess, are also widely popular.


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