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Buying a Property for Your Child Studying in Australia

Sending your child halfway around the world to study can be one of the hardest things a parent can do. Whilst you know it...

Getting a Mortgage in Australia as Foreigner or New Resident

Obtaining finance in a new country can be challenging, and Australia has particularly conservative credit rules, which can make it even more difficult.  Whilst...

Holiday Home Hotspots in New Zealand’s South Island

If budget is an important consideration when purchasing a property in New Zealand, then the South Island is your best bet. Sheltered from the...

Holiday Home Hotspots in New Zealand’s North Island

The North Island of New Zealand certainly has the most action when it comes to investment properties.  This means prices are also significantly higher...

Retiring in New Zealand – Visas and other Legal Aspects

When looking for somewhere to retire to, New Zealand really does have it all.  With a relaxed lifestyle, so much natural beauty and great...

Moving to New Zealand as an Investor or Entrepreneur – Visas and Other Legal Aspects

New Zealand encourages business investment with a view to economic growth, expanding business expertise and attracting “smart” capital to the country.  New Zealand may...

Buying a Property in New Zealand as a Foreigner

New Zealand welcomes foreign investment, and whilst there are some restrictions to foreign ownership of property, it is far from being impossible to buy...

Holiday Home Hotspots in Western Australia

Western Australia has long benefited from the resources boom, with demand outstripping supply in many regions.  With significant investments being made in minerals, natural...

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