Philippines Property Guide

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  • Establishing Residency in Philippines
  • Getting a Passport in the Philippines
  • Taxes and Banking in Philippines
  • Diverisity of buying property in different provinces of Philippines
  • Quality of Life in Philippnes
  • Marriage and Divorce related laws in Philippines

Country Stats

  • Name: Republic of Philippines
  • Area: 300000 sq. kms.
  • Population: 99.8 million people
  • Capital City: Manila
  • Gross Domestic Product: $272.1 billion per year
  • Currency: Philippine Peso
  • Major Religions: Christianity, Islam
  • Per Capita Income: $2765
  • GINI Coefficient: 43.0
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About The Country

The unique blend of east and west has cultivated the Philippines both in appearance and culture. The Filipino character is a fusion of different cultures that create an interesting and fascinating society. The spirit of kinship or bayanihan is said to have come from their Malay ancestors, the piousness from the Spanish influence, and the close-knit family relations from the Chinese. 

Living in the Philippines, you will experience a fascinating Southeast Asian culture. Influenced by Spanish and US colonialism, the way of life there is truly unique. This diverse blend of cultures is sure to be foreign to most Westerners, and expats will probably experience some degree of culture shock in the Philippines. However, with a little time and effort, expats will soon see and appreciate the Filipino people’s distinct character and positive outlook on life. Other nationalities have commended the Filipinos for their hospitable nature and they are very welcoming, particularly with foreign visitors.