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Living as Expat in Bahamas, then here are the Laws and Procedure regarding buying a property in Bahamas.

Living in Bahamas give expats a chance to explore Carribean with lots of corner to explore. Also its proximity to USA makes it a best place to invest for second home.

Here are some Laws and Procedure regarding buying a property in Bahamas.

Foreigners may acquire residential property upto 5 acres without any prior government approval, but these act must be registered with International Persons Landholding Act. Buyers for second …

Want to get Bahamas Citizenship, then you are just a few formalities away

Bahamian citizenship is given to persons who are:

  • Born in The Bahamas to wedded parents, with either of parents being a Bahamian national.
  • Born to an un-wedded Bahamian female in or outside of The Bahamas.
  • Born outside of The Bahamas to a wedded Bahamian male who was not born outside The Bahamas.
  • Adopted by a wedded Bahamian male.
  • Adopted by a single Bahamian female.

All other foreign nationals who …

Establishing Residency in Bahamas

Establishing Residency in Bahamas

Firstly, why would you want to establish Residency in the Bahamas?

A quick summary – tax – Bahamas is one of the few places combining access to the United States with Zero income tax and Western Values and Freedoms. In addition it offers significantly mature banking infrastructure, the company of many ‘tax exiles’ and the sun, sandy, tennis – the many pleasures of the independently wealthy. A good way to

Challenges for Americans thinking about Retirement Outside of the US

Retirement moneyIt ain’t like it used to be. Today’s retirees look at the 401K savings they worked so hard on over the years nearly disappear and suffered gigantic equity drops on the home they spent 25+ years paying for each month.  We’re part of the Baby Boomers generation that had so many opportunities in the last part of the last century, only to see it pretty much crumble over the last