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Establishing Residency in UAE for Foreigners

The emirate of Dubai, with its strategic location, is less than a four hour flight for almost half of the world’s population. It is therefore, a convenient destination for expatriates from Asia, Australia, America and Europe, who find it is easy to go back home for the holidays or to visit their families. Perhaps the biggest attraction of holding a UAE passport, though, is the government’s wonderful efforts to care …

Top Emerging Countries in Asia you should Consider Relocating to

Fund your retirementAsia, especially Southeast Asia, owing to its natural beauty, pristine beaches, a favorable climate and relatively low cost of living, is a popular destination for retirees and expatriates for several decades. In addition, the region hosts a blend of old-world tradition and modernity that many find desirable.

For many years, it was only Thailand and Malaysia that topped of the list for retirees with both countries offer attractive visas, several

Challenges for Americans thinking about Retirement Outside of the US

Retirement moneyIt ain’t like it used to be. Today’s retirees look at the 401K savings they worked so hard on over the years nearly disappear and suffered gigantic equity drops on the home they spent 25+ years paying for each month.  We’re part of the Baby Boomers generation that had so many opportunities in the last part of the last century, only to see it pretty much crumble over the last

Are you Really cut out to Retire or Relocate Abroad?

Retiring abroadOn an average, thousands leave their countries each year to go in search of a new life abroad with most leaving their countries being retirees looking for a golden retirement in the sun. So are you planning to be one of them in the near future and thinking about whether you should look elsewhere for your retirement home?

The reality which most people underestimate is that this big step can

Buying a property in UAE – an overview

Buying a property in UAE – an overview

Abu Dhabi

The city of Abu Dhabi at night

There are seven emirates in the UAE with most property interest focused on Dubai. From Abu Dhabi to Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, regional and international buyers still invest enthusiastically, enjoying the easy payment terms and impressive tax-free resale returns that property in the country offers. In Abu Dhabi foreigners can only buy in designated areas on 99 year leases while in Sharjah

Retiring in Dubai – rules

Retiring in Dubai

Dubai, despite being a ‘no-tax’ emirate is not an ideal destination for retirees.

While many people do retire to Dubai, the emirate is not the ideal destination to spend one’s sunset years. The cost of living is high and without a permanent resident visa available for non-working expatriates, the very suggestion of retirement is perhaps does not come across as a good idea. Dubai is not a cheap option with

How You Can Get a Dubai Residence and Employment Visa

How You Can Get a Dubai Residence and Employment Visa

No doubt, despite its fairly high cost of living, Dubai is still seen as of of the top destinations for employment. So if working and staying in Dubai entice you, here is the right article for you on how to obtain a Dubai Residence and Employment Visa.

Residence visas in Dubai are administered by the Immigration Department which is referred to as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs

Buying property in Dubai as a foreigner

Buying property in Dubai as a foreigner

Dubai real estate marketDubai’s cosmopolitan atmosphere and sub-tropical climate have always attracted second home buyers and retirees to settle here. But after the Dubai government’s passing of the long-awaited law allowing foreign freehold ownership of properties in the emirate in March 2006, Dubai has seen a marked interest from foreign property buyers, particularly Europeans, as a major investment destination. Today a foreign national can buy a freehold property in the emirate in areas

Rise in demand for premium residential projects in Dubai

Dubai real estate 2012

Dubai is witnessing a surge in demand for quality residential properties.

Real estate players in Dubai have noted that there is an increasing demand for completed and near-completion premium residential projects.

According DAMAC Properties, the region’s largest private luxury developer, there is a marked increase in buyer interest in its portfolio of completed and near-completed residential projects.

“The Middle East is suffering from a significant shortage of quality residential properties