Everybody is welcome in The Dominican republic. Here is the Rule for getting Residential Status


Citizenship law in the Dominican Republic mirrors its kin: warm and open. Everybody is welcome, whether for business or joy, and numerous can acquire residency or citizenship.

As a foreign national, you are either, “non-resident” or “resident”. Nonresidents are the individuals who plan to stay in the nation for a constrained time for a specific reason, for example, business or delight. A Resident is an outside national who is staying in the nation for an amplified period and has acquired lawful residency status, which bears the remote national legitimate status in the nation qualifying the individual for a recognizable Identity card (Cédula de Identidad Personal) and access to a more positive tax structure. Outside nationals should appropriately register with the Registry of Foreigners (Registro de Extranjeros).

Anybody eighteen or more, may seek citizenship. The three most common ways are birth, marriage or residence. Article 20 of the Dominican Constitution licenses double nationalities (and a Dominican may get a foreign nationality without the danger of losing Dominican nationality).

Under Article 25 of the Dominican Constitution, Foreign nationals possess the same rights (and obligations) as Dominican nationals. There is one exemption – a foreign national may not take an interest in political exercises aside from voting in elections. In the event that you confront lawful issues while being in the nation, you can ask for security.


First and foremost step: Temporary Residence

The application for Temporary Residence is submitted to the Dominican Migration Department. Once granted, it will be valid for one year. It will qualify you to live and work lawfully in the Dominican Republic and you won’t be obliged to buy a tourist card to enter the nation. Following one year, you will restore your temporary permit for one more year, which will be less demanding than the first application.

Following five years as Temporary Residence, you will can change your status to Permanent. Ordinarily, you will acquire your visa in three months however it can take up to six months keeping in mind the end goal to get a Permanent Residency.

First, you will need to send a letter of application to the representative or the Minister of Foreign Relations. Which ought to contain your name, nationality, spot of living arrangement, and the activity that you will perform in the nation. It is filled in by an organization, the Manager in-charge ought to sign the structure. Other than that, you ought to clarify your association with the nation. You could be a Dominican by inception, wedded to a Dominican, have a work contract or at long last, you could have verification of economic solvency. Other than that, you will require:

  • the Visa Application Form
  • a valid passport with no less than two photocopies.
  • Birth certificate with photocopy.
  • Medical Certificate, this record must be authorized, deciphered into Spanish and both the first and the interpretation apostilled.
  • Police certificate (otherwise called a declaration of good lead), including an official criminal record testament. This report must be authenticated, translated into Spanish and both the first and the interpretation apostilled.
  • Certificate of the Department of Migration with evidence of the last passage of the individual to the nation and copy of the Tourist Card.
  • work contract/ certificate
  • in the event that the application contains description of spouse, a marriage certificate ought to be incorporated. This report must be notarized, deciphered into Spanish and both the first and the interpretation apostilled.
  • on account of minors, consent of the parent or guardian. On the off chance that the child is not to be went with into the nation by both parents, it is obliged that the guardian who is not in the Dominican Republic approves the other guardian to move with the kid for all time to the Dominican Republic. This report must be legally approved, deciphered into Spanish and both the first and the interpretation apostilled.
  • in the event that the application incorporates kids, the birth certificate of the youngsters ought to be incorporated. This archive must be deciphered into Spanish and both the first and the interpretation apostilled.
  • three photos, estimate 2 x 2 inches, with a white background.
  • application letter from the recipient tended to the Consular Section containing name, nationality, spot of habitation and occupation, and also data on explanations behind looking to build up in the nation (Of Dominican root, child of a Dominican, Dominican spouse, as beneficiary, or financial specialist).

Every records need to be displayed in unique and four duplicates except for the passport and the expense will be US$125.00

Subsequent to accepting your visa, you will need to continue to the Department of Immigration. There you will need to submit the accompanying:

  • Completed Temporary Residence Form, signed by the applicant typed or in legible print, to be submitted with the other documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the corresponding Internal Revenue Service stamp.
  • A valid passport with at least two photocopies.
  • Proof of Residence Visa (issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) .
  • Medical exam authorized by the Department of Immigration to be performed in the Dominican Republic.
  • A total of four (4) recent photographs (2 x 2 inches). Two facing the front and two facing sideways, with a white background.
  • An insurance policy that can cover medical expenses and repatriation if necessary, authorized by the Department of Immigration.
  • Sworn Affidavit drawn up and signed by a Dominican resident or legal permanent resident in the Dominican Republic, signed by two witnesses with supporting documents. The letter must specify the type of relation between the guarantor and the applicant. The guarantor shall undertake to settle any and all expenses incurred by the applicant and will be financially obligated to resolve any debts if the applicant is deported for violating Dominican rules and regulations. The letter must be drawn up before a notary public of the Dominican Republic and legalized by the General Attorney’s Office.
  • Your fingerprints will be taken.

All the documents require four copies which are essential for the National Directorate of Narcotics, Interpol, National Police and Department of Investigations.

Second step: Permanent Residence

Foreigner need to live in the Dominican Republic with Temporary Residence for 5 years, before acquiring Permanent residency, which will require no less than 2 years. This implies that following 7 years of legal residence can seek for citizenship.

The residency visa is useful for passage into the Dominican Republic and you need to enter the Dominican Republic within 60 days. The expenses are US$ 90.

Inside of 30 days of landing in the Dominican Republic, you must visit the Immigration Department with your travel permit to sign application structures, register fingerprints and undergo the obliged medical tests.

Documents needed for by the Department of Migration are:

  • Permanent Residence Application Form
  • Medical Examination Results
  • Certificate of Good Conduct issued by Dominican Police
  • good conduct affidavit by two witnesses
  • Temporary Residence Card
  • a sum of four (4) recent photos (2 x 2 inches). Two confronting the front and two confronting sideways, with a white background.

Lasting occupants must renew their residency card following one year; subsequent cards will be renewable every 4 year, with the exception of retirees and individuals supporting themselves financially who must reestablish their residency cards at regular intervals.

After ten years, Permanent Residence will be issued a complete residency card, not subject to recharging. Unfortunately, you will in any case need to pay a yearly residency fee.

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