Enter One of Australia’s Hottest Real Estate Markets: Granadilla Tropical Estates

1014-1665Far North Queensland is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations.  With the Great Barrier Reef on one side, rainforests and the Great Dividing Range on the other, is a spectacular place to both visit and to live. It is rare to have the opportunity to build your own dream house here, but now you can with Granadilla Tropical Estates.

About Granadilla Tropical Estates:

Granadilla is a residential land only development, so that you can build whatever home you wish on your own property. Set in a horseshoe shaped valley about 25 miles from the ocean and a 90 minute drive from Cairns International Airport, Granadilla is surrounded by high hills amidst a tropical climate and located close to popular Mission Beach and tropical islands including Hinchinbrook, Dunk and Bedarra Islands.

The land is part rain forest and part pasture and received a rainfall of about 60 to 70 inches per annum. The forest land surrounding the property includes hardwood such as mahogany, and part of the neighboring property has been granted World Heritage status.

Granadilla provides the owners with freehold title to the land. The property is set over 2,000 acres subdivided into only eight plots of 250 acres each. The acreage is a blend of lush rainforest and fertile agricultural land. The pastural land has been cleared and seeded and has been used successfully for commercial cattle grazing.  Electricity will be connected to residences on the property from the town electricity supply. Access to fresh water is also readily available on the property with many streams and creaks and a ready supply of under-ground water. Rainwater is also able to be stored in tanks on the property, as is customary in this region.

With the Great Barrier Reef at your doorstep, there are plenty of water sports and activities in this region, from scuba diving for the more adventurous to snorkelling for the kids.  For the more competitive there is even an annual black marlin fishing tournament that is  world famous, attracting participants from around the world.

Granadilla provides the opportunity to enter one of Australia’s most popular markets for holiday home. With many tourists, both local and international, coming to Far North Queensland every year, property values continue to show potential in this area. This is the largest parcel of land available for sale in this area, making it a great opportunity for the right investor. Recently property values have declined in the region due to over-supply, primarily for holiday apartments located right on the coast. Granadilla Tropical Estates is unique as it offers larger sized land parcels with tropical forest and pastural land, differentiating it from the existing holiday home stock.

Expressions of Interest are currently being sought for this property, but it is estimated that plots would be sold for more than A$520,000. Contacts can be made via their website.