Top 4 Places for Bangaloreans to Buy a Holiday Home and Retire

Owing to Bangalore’s strategic location and easy access to some of the best holiday locations situated nearby, Bangaloreans are extremely lucky that they have several options to choose from when they are looking for a place to ultimately retire. After working for years, you are familiar with the nooks and corners of the city so even if you have to choose a different location away from Bangalore to spend your post-retirement years, it will perhaps be a place from where you can come frequently to meet and spend time with friends who are still working or have settled in Bangalore. And the best part is that while property prices in Bangalore are hitting the roof, the places at a radius of, say 4 to 7 hours drive, although they have similar amenities as Bangalore are still moderate.

Taking into consideration what you would be looking in a destination (you would love to retire or even have a holiday home), we have shortlisted four top destinations which can be your future post-retirement home. 

Mysore Yercaud

Mysore Palace

Wild Orchid Yercaud
Just about a 3 hours drive, at a distance of 145 kilometers, the city of Mysore is an ideal destination for Bangaloreans to not only buy a holiday home, but also to settle when they decide to lead a relatively quieter life. For those who want to beat the city madness, but at the same time want to live a modern lifestyle, Mysore fits the bill perfectly! Housing is still affordable if you compare to those of Bangalore, if you want a flexible work schedule there are job opportunities and the city is culturally rich and cosmopolitan at the same time. Take a look… Three and half hours South of Bangalore, Yercaud is one hill station every Bangaloreans must have visited once. Situated in the Shevaroys range of hills of the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu, the hill station is known for its scenic beauty and cool climes. For residents of Bangalore who are used to a good yearlong climate, Yercaud where the temperature here never rises above 29°C or goes below 13°C is a perfect place to retire. And why not? The amazingly beautiful hill station is today home to some of the finest residential developments. Take a look…
Ooty Kodaikanal
Ooty Dale Ivy Terrace Kodaikanal
Ooty perhaps needs no introduction! This hill station has been our favorite for decades for its panoramic views, lush green hills and tea estates. The IT boom and the rapid growth of industries near it have led to a rush in tourists wanting to take a break from their hectic work schedules. In addition to its flourishing tourism industry, Ooty is today also a hotspot for holiday home buyers with several good projects completed and many more coming up in the areas around the town. Take a look… Not far from Madurai town, Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is a charming and picturesque hill resorts and is today beginning to get notable attention as an ideal holiday getaway with its pretty lake, misty landscape, and a serene, romantic and peaceful hideaway in its green ranges. The reasons why Bangaloreans should consider Kodaikanal as their retirement destination is its easy access to the city, making it very easy to visit your friends staying in Bangalore. Take a look…