5 Ways to Find Your Dream House Without Real Estate Agents

Finding property without real estate agents
Although real estate agents plays vital role in real estate business, dealing without agents can be a big saver.

Now that you have decided to buy a property, the next step is getting to the right property or seller. You could either take the services of a real estate agent to identify a couple of properties for you and help you in connecting with the sellers or else search for the right property yourself. So if you have decided to find the property without the help of a real estate agent here are the best ways to get to the right property:

List your Property Requirement: Many real estate listing websites also allowing individuals to list your property requirement for free for a short period of time and thereafter with a small registration fee. However by posting in these websites you can end up receiving a lot of calls and emails from property agents. So make sure that you select the ‘Brokers Excuse’ or ‘Owners Only’ buttons which most these websites provide.

Place a Classified ad: The growth of online classified websites has rocketed, and the best ones are free and receive terrifying levels of traffic. For instance, Holiday Home Times’ classified section has a great deal of buyers and sellers browsing. So posting in a classified website can be a good and easy way to connect with a seller. If you want to post your requirement, you can do so by CLICKING HERE now.

Social Networking: Social networking sites are fast emerging as the most influential medium of promotional activities. Websites like Facebook, Twitter are attracting prospective buyers or sellers and people searching for homes and are thus a good way to connect with sellers. Even when you are looking to buy in a development, because most developments have their own Facebook pages, you can easily contact them.   

Online Groups: The internet has been a boon to buyers who are unwilling to use real estate agents. Today there are many online owner groups which let you register and post your requirement. Chances here are higher for a prospective buyer to get in touch with an intending seller. Also, because these online groups allow you to display your contact details, you can directly and easily contact a seller who replies to your requirement.

Spread the word: Spread the word that you intend to buy a property amongst your friends and colleagues. Word by mouth is a traditional and very effective way to get in touch with sellers of property. However the process is sometimes lengthy and is best for those who are not buying a house immediately. If you have decided on a gated community where you want to buy, meet the members of the Home Owners’ Association. They are ideally the first people to know when a resident is selling his property. A good rapport with them can help you in your search for a property in the gated community.   

So, if you have ever bought a property without using the services of a real estate broker or property dealer, do share with us how you searched and found your dream home.