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Rules and Regulation for Buying Property in Sri Lanka

After the end of the Civil War, the Sri Lanka seems totally different and is now moving ahead. The economy is showing tremendous development in many areas, tourism is booming and infrastructure and modernization is on a rise. But with President Mahinda Rajapaksa regime,buying propert is a wealthy affair.

Let’s look into the laws and taxes governing the purchasing a property in Sri Lanka.

Foreigner’s can easily buy property subject …

Getting Residential Visa in Mauritius, here are the ways listed to get you Residential Status

Mauritius, set across turquoise sea, is nothing less than paradise on earth, where every encounter with someone will promise friendly nature, every day is plenty of energetic and full of peace. Living as expat in Mauritius is truly a experience that no one can forget.

We describe you how to get Residency status for your life in Mauritius.

Occupation Permit (Work & Residence Permit)

The residence permit and work permit …

Top Emerging Countries in Asia you should Consider Relocating to

Fund your retirementAsia, especially Southeast Asia, owing to its natural beauty, pristine beaches, a favorable climate and relatively low cost of living, is a popular destination for retirees and expatriates for several decades. In addition, the region hosts a blend of old-world tradition and modernity that many find desirable.

For many years, it was only Thailand and Malaysia that topped of the list for retirees with both countries offer attractive visas, several

The Comprehensive Guide to Profiting from Asian Holiday Real Estate

Our Buyer’s Guide is a resource for people interested in buying, selling, renting or letting holiday homes in the top tourist destinations across nations in Asia. Our aim is to bring together all information you need to know (as an investor) to ensure that your experience of the holiday home world is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Here is a simple and handy Holiday Home Purchase Checklist you should

In Conversation with Robert Green from A&KIE on Asia’s Holiday Home Market

Robert GreenAbercrombie & Kent, the world’s leading luxury travel company, has recently launched its venture, Abercrombie & Kent International Estates marking its new business to market and sell exclusive residential properties from around the world, including private homes and resort residences. We spoke to Robert Green, General Manager, Abercrombie & Kent International Estates on the Asian markets they have shortlisted, why they have chosen these locations and most importantly what it

Acquiring a Piece of Paradise: Mauritius’ Integrated Resort Scheme

MauritiusThe Government of Mauritius introduced the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) several years ago, which was designed specifically to enable foreign citizens to purchase property on the island. Targeted at those who are looking at a resort lifestyle, the IRS is perfect for someone who is looking to buy a luxurious second home in paradise or establish themselves in this beautiful island.

How Does it Work?

The IRS allows for developments

The Resident Guest Scheme (RGS) of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Department of Immigration and EmigrationThe Resident Guest Scheme (RGS) was introduced by the Sri Lanka Government to encourage potential foreign investments in the country. The Sri Lankan government encourages foreign investment in high-tech industries, such as infrastructure, information technology, electronics, light engineering, textile, garments and fashion, accessories, rubber, agriculture, mining and processing, gems and jewelry, tourism and recreation and leisure services.

The Resident Guest Scheme (RGS) which is open to all foreign investor/ professionals

Sri Lanka Residency Visa – Rules, Eligibility and Required Documents

Sri Lanka Resident visa

Sri Lanka is considered on of the best places to live in Asia

Apart from the rules and provisions underlined by the government of Sri Lanka in the ‘Sri Lanka My Dream Home Program,’ the country issues Residency Visas for people wanting to stay here for a longer period.

In this article we have put together the various rules, eligibility and the documents required to obtain a Sri

Top Locations in Sri Lanka to Buy a Holiday Home

Sri Lanka today is considered one of the top destinations for expats to buy a vacation home in Asia. Even residents of its neighboring countries like India are opting to buy their second homes in the beautiful locations of Sri Lanka. In this article we will discuss about some of the prime locations in the island to buy a holiday home in this island country.

Predominantly, the southern coastal areas,

Sri Lanka My Dream Home Program – Your Ticket to Long-Term stay in the Island


A beach in Sri Lanka

View of a beach in Sri Lanka

After the civil war ended in May 2009, Sri Lanka has suddenly seen a surge in interest from foreign nationals wanting to make the country their home. And why not! The country has endless beaches, welcoming people, timeless ruins, cheap prices, famous tea, flavorful food and a climate that will put to shame most of the tropical destinations of Asia.

In the

Eduard Hempel on Life as an Expat and Sri Lanka’s Beautiful Holiday Homes

In an exclusive interview to Holiday Home Times, Eduard Hempel, CEO of Pearl Properties in Sri Lanka tells us about life in Sri Lanka in general, the country’s emerging holiday home market and why more and more expats are investing in property and are retiring in the country known for its virgin beaches and year-long warm sunshine.

The interview…

Eduard HempelPlease give our readers a brief personal background and history