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Getting Residential Visa in Mauritius, here are the ways listed to get you Residential Status

Mauritius, set across turquoise sea, is nothing less than paradise on earth, where every encounter with someone will promise friendly nature, every day is...

Acquiring a Piece of Paradise: Mauritius’ Integrated Resort Scheme

The Government of Mauritius introduced the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) several years ago, which was designed specifically to enable foreign citizens to purchase property...

The Resident Guest Scheme (RGS) of Sri Lanka

The Resident Guest Scheme (RGS) was introduced by the Sri Lanka Government to encourage potential foreign investments in the country. The Sri Lankan government...

Sri Lanka Residency Visa – Rules, Eligibility and Required Documents

Apart from the rules and provisions underlined by the government of Sri Lanka in the ‘Sri Lanka My Dream Home Program,’ the country issues...

Top Locations in Sri Lanka to Buy a Holiday Home

Sri Lanka today is considered one of the top destinations for expats to buy a vacation home in Asia. Even residents of its neighboring...

Sri Lanka My Dream Home Program – Your Ticket to Long-Term stay in the Island

  After the civil war ended in May 2009, Sri Lanka has suddenly seen a surge in interest from foreign nationals wanting to make the...

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