Montenegro Property and Citizenship Guide

Location of Montenegro

Key Facts:

Climate – Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfalls inland

Population (2018) – 622,359

GDP (Per Capita) (2020) $9,116

Government Type – Parliamentary Republic


Official language – Montenegrin (national), Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, Croatian (all official)

Major religions – Christianity (75.93%), Islam (19.21%)

Ethnic Groups – Montenegrin (45%), Serb (28.7%), Bosniak (8.6%), Albanian (4.9%), Croats (0.9%)

Government – parliamentary republic

Currency – Euro (EUR)

Tax – Resident individuals are taxed on worldwide income; non-residents are taxed only on Montenegro – source income. Taxable income comprises income from employment, business and professional income, investment income (dividends, interest, and royalties), and income from immovable property. Salary is subject to tax at a rate of 9% (rates of 9% and 11% applied until 31 December 2019) . The same rate generally applies to other types of personal income, such as dividends, interest, and capital gains. Certain income, such as income from personal services, is subject to tax at a rate of 9% on a tax base that is equivalent to 70% of income. Salary paid to an employee of a start-up company (except for businesses in the agriculture, transport, shipbuilding, steel, and fishery sectors) in an underdeveloped area is tax-exempt for four years provided certain conditions are fulfilled. A 9% withholding tax is levied on dividends and royalties paid to a nonresident individual; the rate on interest is 5%. Capital gains are taxable at a rate of 9%.

Residency by Investment:

Montenegro has a straightforward path that people use to get residency in the country. Circumstances can make this a longer process, while the citizenship by investment program can make it (much) shorter. However, the usual course is:

  • Buy a home; found a company and make yourself the executive director; or arrange full-time employment.
  • Apply for temporary residency. Renew this until you’ve spent five years in Montenegro.
  • Apply for permanent residency and spend another five years here.
  • Apply for citizenship.

Qualifications Needed:

  • To be a non EU citizen
  • Possess a valid passport or another foreign travel document
  • Submit all documents and information required under the program and successfully pass the due diligence and background verifications, including the ones relating to the source of funds used to make the qualifying contribution and investment
  • Hold no criminal record
  • Apply through one of the licenced agents under the program

Investment Entry Criteria:

Investment Options:

Government Fund Donation – Applicants must make a contribution of 100,000 euros in the form of a government fund donation.

Real Estate Investment – In addition to the donation, applicants are required to invest in approved real estate projects in the country. Depending on where the selected projects are, applicants will have a choice of different investment levels. 

Processing Fees

For the purpose of the costs of the procedure, applicants must majke payments to the program in the amount of :

  • 15,000 euros for the main applicant
  • 10,000 euros per qualifying dependent, for upto 4 dependents
  • 50,000 euros for the 5th and every next dependent

Due Diligence Fees:

Applicants must cover the fees for the due diligence as announced by the program administration. 

Steps and Timeline:

Stage 1, months 1-2 (qualification):

Step 1 – Choose an agent licensed for the program to get qualification approval.

Setp 2 – Collect application documents and pay processing fees.

Stage 2, months 2-5 (pre-approval):

Step 3 – The file is received by the program administration. The application is reviewed for administrative compliance. Due diligence and background verification is performed.

Step 4 – Decision in principle is delivered. In case of approval, applicant is invited to proceed with the contribution and the investment.

Stage 3, month 6 (naturalization):

Step 5 – Travel to Montenegro to submit residence application and have biometrics collected. Citizenship application is submitted during rhe same trip. 

Step 6 – Receive naturalization certificate(s) in Montenegro. Apply for and collect passport(s).

Why it makes sense?:

  • It is a fast process. Residency can be gained within 3 weeks
  • Approval of citizenship happens within 6 months
  • There are no language requirements
  • There is no obligation to relinquish your current nationality
  • The country is a NATO member
  • The country is a candidate for future expansion of the EU, which is expected by 2025
  • Visa-free access to 123 nations across the globe
  • It is a strategic geographical location in Europe with direct access to the Adriatic Sea
  • Porto Montenegro is one of the finest superyacht marinas in the world
  • The country is an outstanding holiday destination in its own right

Montenegro is a more adventurous choice for bargain seekers. Its entry to the EU is forecasted and if you are a betting person, this is taking a reasonable chance to get an EU passport at a price lower than a Caribbean one. To get more information & assistance, please submit the form below and our specialist will get in touch with you at the earliest.  


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