What makes a Holiday Home a Good Investment?

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mauritiusWithout doubt investing in a property is always a big decision and should therefore be taken very cautiously. Many actually want to buy a vacation or a second home, but are undecided on what they will do with it when they are not staying. Ideally one would be living in the second home for just a couple of weeks in a year and for the rest of the year, it will remain vacant. So they tend to think if actually it is a good decision to buy a property at all.

In this article we will not be discussion what one can do after buying a second or a vacation home, which has already been discussed in our earlier article, let’s try to find an answer to ‘whether investing on a property is a good decision and if so why?’

1. Considering today’s economic conditions across the globe, where many things are uncertain, buy a property can actually be the safest bet. Not only are the prices of properties more reasonable now if we compare with a couple of years back, there are a lot of properties types offering various amenities that can fit any budget to choose from.

2. It goes without saying that when you chose to buy a second/ vacation home, it will more likely to be in a location of tourist interest or in short a tourist destination.  With today’s stressful lives, people are taking more vacations than they did a couple of years back. A vacation enables them to come home rejuvenated. As such the question of your vacation home remaining vacant doesn’t arise because you can, with a little effort cater to travelers by renting your house to them.

3. Again if you are buying a second home to rent out, it makes sense to convert it into a vacation rental because it will offer you higher cash rental income. And unlike renting out to an individual, a vacation rental property will give you the flexibility to stay in the property whenever you want to.

4. It always makes sense to buy a property early in life, because even if you have to a loan, you will be able to it pay off and enjoy its benefits by the time you retire.

5. Going by today’s trends, properties are witnessing quite a handsome appreciation over a couple of years from the time it is bought. So even if you don’t earn much as rental, your vacation home will be worth more in just a couple of years. Even many financial investment instruments are unable to give as much returns a property gives to an investor.

Having said that, if you are thinking of buying a vacation home, I would recommend you to read some of our articles which will definitely help you in deciding on the right property that suits needs and budget.

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