Ideas to transform your terrace into a great outdoor living space

Terrace decorationThe terrace is perhaps the least priority area for a homeowner when it comes to renovation or decoration of one’s house. Regardless of the size, the terrace is one of the most enchanting places in the house, but very often one of the most ignored. Having said that, for those private moments or to host a get-together or a party, there is nothing like a well laid out terrace in your property. Just like decorating your home, the decoration of the terrace has a few tricks which make it a truly special addition to your home. Contrary to the common notion, decorating one’s terrace need not be always costly. One need not always have to invest in furniture. Sometimes small changes can transform your terrace into a very welcoming place.

Since most terraces will have unequal depths, homeowners should look at using the diversity in the terrace depths to create an inviting area where guests will want to spend a lot of time. So, setting up this space in such a way that one can use it for several months in year despite changing seasons and at any time of the day or night should be the main motive. Here are some tricks:

Terrace decoration1. For starters, to transform your terrace into a great outdoor living space, you must first observe the safety regulations for your property. Your terrace must be flat to fit with regulations as a common space where people can gather.

2. Playing with colors can bring joy and freshness to the terrace. Plants in colorful pots, color tables and chairs can add to the grandeur. The markets are flooded with furniture and decorative objects for the terrace at affordable prices.

3. Decide on the terrace furniture first, since this is the largest addition to your terrace, and also because you can easily work other decorations in around the furniture. Try to keep the furniture to the sides of the terraces and at an angle, so that multiple guests can face each other for conversation instead of having their backs to one another. Using simple wrought-iron chairs and garden benches for seating can be a good idea. Sofa chairs on the terrace are also ideal for relaxation after a long tiring day. Select pleasant color tones when choosing your pillows and upholstery. If you have a small terrace you can use a comfortably sofa with nice colored pillows and add two big tables with a big vase of plants on them.

4. Using various sizes of potted plants add to the beauty of the terrace. The trick here is to intersperse smaller pots with larger ones. One can also use tiered pots to give greater height and more variety in one’s planting. Keep plants that have not only different colors of flowers, but also different colors of leaves, such as white and purple. When purchasing plants, choose only those that bloom at different times of the year. This will help in keeping your terrace looking inviting the year-round.

5. For bigger terraces make Separate Spaces. Arrange the furniture in such a way that you have separate spaces for separate guests. For instance place only two or three chairs in a semicircle for intimate conversation and put a small table in the center of the chairs. Use taller plants to separate these individual spaces.

6. Accessorize the corners and empty spaces with perhaps a small table next to a chair on which you can place a drink or a book or place fountains, birdbaths and gazing balls because they hardly look cluttered – these items take up more space in height than in width. Hammocks, and swings can be hung from the beams and pebbles too can be laid on the ground to give your terrace the look of a garden.

Terrace decoration7. Usually the terrace is open to the element of nature – rains, storms and temperatures. Precisely because of this, covering them aesthetically is essential not only to have a good protection against these external elements but also to enable you and your guests to enjoy a magnificent evening at any time of the year. Today there are various options to choose from, which will not only protect your terrace from the element of the nature, but will add to its beauty. One can chose between retractable awnings, glass, baking sheets, wood, reeds, fabrics, pergolas and tents, large umbrellas or even climbing plants based on wood or aluminum frames.

8. Giving the finishing touches to your terrace decoration with proper lighting to enable you and your guests to enjoy the space after sunset. Either place lights on the floor to emit a glow within the space or string lights over the top of the area to cast light down onto the terrace. Torch lights work well to give a more romantic ambience to the area. Since they are light weighted bury the torches in the larger potted plants if necessary to hold them in place.