Trang – Exploring new destinations in Southern Thailand to buy a Holiday Home

Trang property
A typical property for sale in Trang, Thailand

With prices of properties in Phuket’s coastline hitting the roof and the coastline of the island depleting rapidly, other equally beautiful locations in Thailand are coming to fore promising expat property buyers a more relaxed lifestyle.

While places like Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Krabi, Ko Chang, Kui Buri and others have emerged as secondary markets to Phuket, the demand for relatively cheaper options nearer to the coastline have driven both property developers and buyers alike to search for new locations that dot the tropical paradise.   

And located about three hours drive from Phuket and 828 kilometers from Bangkok, Trang is one such place that has gained prominence in the last couple of years. Still at its infancy, a flurry of new roads built recently and other infrastructure development has made the destination more accessible over the last few years.

Trang as a tourist destination has already made its way to the tourist map of Thailand long time back. The Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony held on Valentine’s Day is already been a major event that sees a lot of tourists gathering in the area. Then there is the Cake Festival, the Trang Roast Pork Festival, the Vegetarian Festival, the Ta Phao Shell Festival, the Annual King’s Birthday and Red Cross Fair which make the destination a must-visit and also witnesses a huge floating population almost throughout the year.  

What makes Trang an ideal retirement destination is its strategic location along Thailand’s Andaman coastline thus having high potential to emerge as a regional center for property development and tourism. Add to it the real estate markets of Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi which are increasingly becomes unattractive to investors and speculators due to rapid appreciation and seemingly irreversible inflation.


A beachfront resort in one of Trang's beautiful beaches
A beachfront resort in one of Trang’s beautiful beaches

Another factor driving Trang’s real estate market is the Trang Airport, a 15-minute drive to the south of Trang town, from where Nok Air and Air Asia and others provide four daily flights to/from the province, which has proved a boon for the local tourism and real estate industries. In the pipeline is the proposal to expand the airport’s western runway which will increase the airport’s passenger load capacity from 300 up to 400 passengers per hour from its current capacity to handle 2,424 passengers a day.

To give you an idea of what the property market looks like in Trang, construction in the area last year alone covered 267,167 square meters with 41,141 square meters was for row-housing or town-houses and other mainly was for single detached homes. In addition, Trang saw a condominium project covering 1,182 square meters last year, with more than three other condominium projects to be launched this year signaling the spark of a new, potentially lucrative market.

Because Trang still has a lot of premium areas near the coastline, most of the projects under construction are outside the city center, especially en route to Trang airport, which are not far from the beaches.

In the next couple of articles we will feature developments in Trang which are ideal options for a holiday/ retirement home. Invariably if you are already staying there, we would definitely love to hear from you.