Handing Over To Teddy


Hi Everyone,

As you know, I have been adding to my team at TripVillas.com – As part of that we’ve just had Teddy join our team. Teddy is cute but most importantly he’s a travel enthusiast and he’s going to visit properties across the country and write about them. He’s already started his work and visited a number of properties but I wanted to share with you some photographs of him before our first trip together – I had to accompany him on the first. It was an early morning drive out of Mumbai and so Teddy was staying over at my home in the guest bedroom. I can tell you it took some effort to wake him up.

Teddy Asleep in my guest bedroom


What do we have under the blanket?

Finally Awake

Strapped in and all set for the drive

Ok Teddy, All the best!!

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