Ideas to utilize the space under the stairs of your home


Under stairs libraryIn our enthusiasm to decorate our homes, we usually go that extra mile in decorating our kitchen and living spaces, but leave or ignore the so-called dead corners and other unusual spaces neglected. If done up well, such spaces can really complement, and accentuate, the overall look of the house.

One such space is the area under the staircase. Though it’s small, we can use it wisely to add value to the decor. Most home-owners commonly use this for storage, but it can certainly be put to better use.

Decorating it with beautiful collection of art and craft will add to the look of the house.

There are endless possibilities and decoration themes. Ideally, a themed corner will define something about you, your family, or the place you live in. One can install shelves for decorative displays under the stairs, which will reclaim some unused space lying unnoticed for years. Here are some ideas to use the space under the stairs:


Library: One way to use space under the stairs is to make a small library. For this, you can choose rack-shaped boxes of stairs so you can slide it under the steps or decide to create a library yourself by layering different colored boxes that are screwed or glued to the frame of the staircase. For the avid reader, there is often not enough space for a treasured collection of books. Since the uneven ceiling created by the slope of the stairs is not a problem for books of various heights, the space will typically allow for one tall set of shelves along the upper slope, one angled set along the back and a short set along the downward slant of the stairs. If the stairs are wide enough, one shelf may be eliminated to create space for a chair in which to enjoy the books.

Under stairs decorationDrawers/ storage: Stairs can also be used as drawers. It is an idea that has been used widely and is converted into drawers each of the steps, so that they can be used to store items. Drawers are a convenient way to store items and because when closed, they hide the items inside, they help in giving a clutter-free view of the house. The traditional angle of staircases lends itself to multiple widths and heights for drawers. Even the smallest of areas close to the bottom of the stairs may be transformed into drawers for little items.

Workspace: Another way is to utilise the space is to transform it into your workspace. Such corners can best serve the purpose. Just install a desk and fix shelves to the walls above the desk and put a small chair with coasters. Putting a fold-out screen helps shield your work space and provides a break between the study and the thoroughfare next to the stairs. Moreover, this may be a better solution than trying to share space in another room for a study, where noise and other distractions might act as impediments.

Sitting area: Turning the space into a cozy retreat can also be a great idea. One can place a beautiful set of furniture or a decorated table-top with a fabric and a couple of chairs each side. Putting a comfortable sofa with the bedside tables and hanging some good soothing paintings on the wall with an up-light addition can give the space a very nice look. In the evenings, one can light candles as they bring intimate warmth to the décor of the area.

Under stairs wine racksWine cellar/ wine racks: Building your wine cellar in an under-stair space is an excellent usage of available space. Any homeowner can make an impression by not only custom building a wine cellar into your staircase, but also add style to how you display your wine collection. Since no two stairs are alike, each wine cellar design can be customized to fit perfectly.

Children’s Closet/ study: Homeowners can beautifully convert the space under the stairs into a study for the kids.  The space under a staircase is a prime suspect for the creation of an additional closet for the home. The outer walls may be removed and the area can be framed for walls and a door. This closet may be short in height due to the angle of the stairs, which makes it good for children to hang up jackets and coats. It also provides a place for play items such as roller skates, skateboards and other child-size sports equipment.

Gaming zone: Converting the area under the staircase into a play area for kids is another good option. The place can be a used as a tiny play house for kids. To add to the look, one can paint the area with whimsical designs and bright colors and the shelves can be added to store toys. A rug strategically placed in the area can create a softer look and feel, while protecting the little feet of kids. For homes cluttered with video gaming equipment, all the gaming consoles, games’ CDs and controllers one can use this area as a gaming zone. On the lower side, install short shelves to house games and on the tallest wall, install shelves to hold a game monitor or television and the game console. One can put soft padding for the gamer to sit on.

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