Broadening your spectrum of guests – pet-owners and hobby-related groups

If you are a holiday home/ homestay owner, you would definitely want to reach out to a wider market of potential guests. And why not? Broadening the spectrum of guests you allow to stay in your property will without doubt increase the number of travelers enquiring about your property and eventually staying in it.

Here are two ways to increase your reach:

1. Pet-friendly (accepting pets at your holiday home): The benefits of accepting pets are many. Not only will you be reaching out to a larger market, you can also include some guests during the off-season. Contrary to what most owners conceive, actually allowing pets involve less hassles than one thinks.

Pet friendly holiday homeHaving said that, before you open your doors to pets, you must consider whether your property is the right one. For instance, if it is a studio apartment it is best not to allow pets. Secondly, owners of only airy and spacious properties should think of going pet-friendly because airy properties are better when it comes to getting rid of any odour. Thirdly, if your property is in a resort complex, the management may have rules against allowing pets. So find out before you decide. Fourthly, you may have to make certain changes in the house, like removing fragile objects, etc. Are you okay with that?

Once you have decided, here are some things you should consider:

  • Charging a little extra to cover additional cleaning. Most pet lovers won’t mind shelling out a couple of bucks, if their pets are welcome in the property.
  • Asking guests not to leave their pets alone in the property
  • Taking a refundable deposit in case of any damage
  • Removing the fragile items or expensive furnishings
  • Buying yourself a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Pet friendly holiday home itemsSo now that you have decided to make your holiday home pet-friendly, it would be a good idea to keep a couple of water and food bowls, waste bags, some old towels and a couple of balls for these four-legged friends.

Hobby-related groups: Another way to reach out to a wider market of potential guests is to create an appeal to groups with a common passion or hobby. It can be cooking, painting, photography, gardening, fishing, etc. But before you reach out to this segment of potential guests, find out what you would like to do best.

Activity group holidaysIf your property is situated in a picturesque location, you can attract guests with the passion for painting or photography. A property with a fully equipped and large kitchen can appeal to a group of people who love cooking for fun. If your holiday home is near a major fishing or angling location, go and announce it in your listing. Fishing enthusiasts travel quite a lot of distance to be a part of this wonderful activity. As the owner you can even have special holiday packages based on these activities.

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