Importance of Using TripVillas’ Location Info Fields while Listing your Holiday Home

TripVillas property listing map view
Based on your inputs, your property will displayed on the map

For a traveler who would be visiting a relatively unfamiliar location for a holiday, it is imperative that your holiday home listing conveys and gives a fair understanding of the area. There are two ways of achieving this – (i) Add a couple of sentences in your listing description that say something about the area where your property is located and (ii) Intelligently using the Map View Marker to pinpoint the location of your property in correlation with the tourist spots of importance in your neighborhood.

Here we must not confuse with the address of the property – putting the address in the description is a complete NO NO. 

Here I would like to take the example of how to drive home the point why your location information is so important to your property listing. Why the take the example of is because of the fact that it is the largest holiday home rental website in Asia and its owner property listing interface is very user-friendly.

Anyway, when you are adding your listing, you will need to add six fields about the location of your property – Country, State/Region, City, Locality, Zip Postal Code and the address (see the image below).

TripVillas Location details
Screenshot of the fields that you need to add while creating a listing on

Just below these fields is the map view where a pin will show the location of your holiday home. When you enter the details like country, state/ region, city, etc. the marker shows the location of your property based on your inputs. You can click on the map and drag the marker and pin it on the exact location. And that’s not all! You can also add driving direction to your property for guests to follow and reach your place.

Importance of filling the Location details:
(i) This give a fair idea to the traveler on where the property is located thus is a major deciding factor on whether to book or not.

(ii)The traveler based on the location of your property can plan her/ his vacation, because he will know what lies in the vicinity of your holiday home.

(iii) By adding the right location details you stand to appear in the right search results. For instance if your property is located in Phuket and you have not added the details, if a traveler comes and searched for holiday homes in Phuket, despite writing a good description your property listing might not show up in the search results or will be appear further down.

(iv) Because the marker on the map view of your property is displayed based on the details you have entered, you can give a visual impact to your holiday home.

Displaying your property address:
Many owners do not enter the location details because they do not want to display their address to all travelers. This is understandable. However be assured that the address will only be displayed to travelers who have booked and made their payments. The same goes to the driving directions to your property.  

Location details of your holiday home in the listing description:
Even without disclosing the address of your holiday home, you can easily give some important location details of the area for the traveler to decide. While writing the description of your property add a couple of sentences on the property’s distance from the major tourist attractions in the vicinity.

Hope the article gives you a complete picture on why filling the location detail fields of your listing is so important. If you still have any queries regarding the same, feel free to share your apprehensions and we will definitely get back to you.