Lighting up your holiday home

Holiday home lighting
Lighting can make a big difference to your holiday home

A home is like a stage; with appropriate lighting, you can transform it into an entirely different place altogether

Planning the lighting in your holiday home is not daunting but not particularly easy either since the owner has to take into account many factors like a room’s design, user requirements, levels of light expected, energy efficiency and so on. 

To start with, keep in mind that each and every room of your holiday home requires different types of lighting. For example subtle, yet sparkling lights are appropriate for the dining room.  Do not go overboard though; extra bright overhead lights can overpower the ambience of the dining hall!

Now let’s consider the living room. Attractive ceiling lights, or a chandelier can add a touch of glamour here. But again, lights that are too bright can destroy the ambience, so opt for soft bulbs that diffuse light evenly all over the room. Even better are light switches with dimmers that control brightness. Lights mounted on walls, on the other hand, can be used effectively to illuminate pictures, photographs and book shelves. They can also be smartly applied to create different lighting zones to make the room look larger. Lamps available in many different shapes and colours, are ideal lighting tools to create a unique feel in your holiday home living room.

Bedroom lighting requires some careful planning. Ensure that they are bright enough as well as soothing enough so that guests can relax. Lights mounted on walls on either side of the bed, swing-arm lights, reading lights, dressing table lights, and bedside lamps offer perfect bedroom lighting.

One area where lighting is often neglected, is the bathroom. Fit the bathroom with good light for practical needs like shaving but at the same time let there be softer light to let your visitors enjoy a relaxing bath. So let there be a good balance of attractiveness as well as functionality.  

When it comes to staircases,make sure that it is well-lit and that light is evenly distributed.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of home décor and when you get it right, it’s the perfect finishing touch to a well-appointed holiday home.

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