Making the Most of Holiday Home Times

Holiday Home Times is the leading resource for those looking to invest in a Vacation home, Second home, Retirement home or even a farm or Plantation. The reasons for doing so can vary – including wanting a beautiful place to visit regularly to recharge your batteries or else to have a place to visit in the winters or even simpler – to own an asset that generates a steady stream of income and hopefully appreciates over time.

As Holiday Home Times, we see ourselves as providers of knowledge and actionable information and not a lifestyle magazine. Our regular readers are busy professionals for whom a second home represents a key part of their portfolio of assets and one that they invest significant time, money and emotions into. Frequently the decision of buying a Second home is clubbed with other life decisions such as retirement, getting away from the rat race and taking life a bit easier. As such, we cover these areas too.

Some tips on how to use Holiday Home Times – The key word here it to participate:-

1. We’ve split the website into roughly two sections – The Investment Guides – for those who are looking to buy a holiday home and are researching the rules, legalities and various other aspects around the process of buying one. These are also organised by country where typically we will have a summary as well as detailed article on areas related to your purchase, tax and establishing residency in the country – all of which are important as you decide to make this purchase. The other major section is broadly on How to Make Money from your Holiday Home – In this we profile primarily the various aspects around Holiday Renting – things to think through before getting into the business, tools to use, products you could use, tips on Interior Design, Hospitality and even some recipes. We suggest you give them both a look over.

2. Register and create your profile. This will allow you to participate in the discussions groups, exchange views and share experiences with others who have gone through a similar journey.

3. Subscribe to the newsletter – To subscribe you will see a small box to the right where you can put in your email address. This will send you a weekly summary of our articles where you can read them within the convenience of your inbox.

4. Check out the classifieds section – The classifieds section is used by fellow owners to list their own properties for sale. This will help in connecting you to other like minded people and also avoiding any brokers and hence any commissions.

We hope you enjoy the Holiday Home Times experience. For any assistance, please feel free to write to us at – We love responding to your emails.

~The Editors @ Holiday Home Times