Budget home decoration and makeover tips

Budget interior design ideas
Experts say that interior decoration requires intelligence rather than money.

Innovative space creation is what interior décor is all about. Novel ways of space management is also an expression of intelligent interiors. In a decent home, every space meant for dining, sleeping, working or receiving guests can be manipulated to create a bigger and lighter ambience without much investment or renovations; every inch of space can make a difference in terms of outlook, utility or space management.

For instance, designing an area in split-level or in multi-level helps in imparting wider spaces to a room. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, the increasing circulation area or movement of the members is a first step towards de-cluttering of a house. Space utilization and interiors depend a lot on the family size and one’s personalized needs. The kind of family structure and the roles family members hold play a vital role in determining space utilization.

Here are some tips for a frugal home decoration:

  • Use bright, wild colors such as lime, tangerine and fuchsia. All shades of purple are hot. Since colors help to give an impression of space use those which make the room look bigger and brighter.
  • Scale-down sofas which are modular, casual and without arms are popular and also very practical.
  •  Wood is still popular, but expensive. Teakboards give the same look and are inexpensive.
  • Board and batten ceilings and shallow coffers without fussy detail add interest to a room.
  • Decorative boxes in place of coffee tables can keep the clutter away.
  • Use mirrors to reflect the light. A large mirror or several small mirrors placed strategically can make a small space feel lighter and larger.

As a home-owner you must have noticed that the drawing/ dining room, kitchen and bathroom are the four specific parts of a house, which have been witnessing a lot of innovations in recent times. The drawing room has been filled with imported furniture, decorative lights, false ceilings and floors done with exquisite Italian marble or tiles. Woodwork on walls and ceilings is a current fad. Plastic emulsion on walls and ceilings and door and window frames of Italian teak board as stature and contemporary look to the room.


As the most private and personalized space of the house, the bedroom must reflect on the users’ lifestyle and needs. While furnishing the bedroom, one must remember that it must be inviting and promise a relaxed sleep. All this provide the owner with something exclusive and precious where to seek refuge and where to enjoy all the possible comforts.

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