A dish-washer can minimise hassles for the holiday home owner

Dishwasher for the holiday home kitchen
A couple of models of dishwashers available in the market

On many occasions when guests vacate the holiday home, they leave behind a pile of soiled utensils in the kitchen sink. And when the holiday home owner stays in a different city, it’s almost impossible for her/ him to come down and check on the kitchen sink. Moreover inventory management in all holiday homes in India is non-existent. So there will be several broken plates and other utensils too and the owner in most cases may not even know. There are also instances when the caretaker will call the home owner complaining that guests have been consuming too much of water and it was getting difficult for him to arrange for more.

So the question is, how does the holiday home owner minimise these hassles? The answer is simple. But first the holiday home owner must take certain facts into consideration. Firstly, the guests who stay in the holiday home come to relax and take their mind off the daily chores, washing dishes being one of them.

Secondly, for most guests they are always in a hurry. They have too little time and so much to see or explore. As such, they will cook something, catch a quick bite and rush to explore the nearabouts of the location.

Thirdly, families who have kids are usually heavy users of the kitchen. While cooking is a pleasure, it is washing dishes, which is a daunting task for anyone. With a pile of utensils in the sink and little time at hand, a couple of plates are bound to slip from one’s hands and break.

Fourthly, even for holiday home owners who have employed maids to take care of the daily chores, the level of cleanliness as one would expect and see in one’s utensils is far below the expected levels.

So the best solution for the holiday home owner to minimise these hassles, is to buy and install a dish-washer in her/ his holiday home kitchen. Today the dishwasher is a common household appliance and a lot of homes have this, since it helps in reducing the chores. The dishwasher cleans in a more sanitary way because it has several cycles when it comes to cleaning the dishes. It also heats the water that is used to ensure its cleanliness.

And what’s more…a dishwasher uses less water than handwashing dishes. Above that, dishwashers save a lot of time. For guests who have a busy schedule, all they need to do is just put in their dishes, turn the dishwasher on and leave. So again the holiday home owner need not worry about forgetful guests who leave a running tap behind!

Here are some dishwasher brands available in the market in most regions of India:

  • Electrolux
  • General Electric
  • Haier
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool

So go ahead, give your guests more time to relax…and yourself, peace of mind!