Why Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner can be a Wise Decision


Robotic pool cleanerWhile having a swimming pool can add to the value of a property, cleaning it from time to time can sometimes be a real challenge. Tiny debris get collected on the floor and the side walls of the pool making it very difficult to clean and also takes a toll on the Ph of the water.

While there are several automatic cleaners (like suction and pressure side cleaners) available in the market, none of these actually are able to give satisfactory results. But that was before robotic pool cleaners arrived in the scene!

Why I recommend investing in a robotic pool cleaner is because although they are a little costly than the usual automatic pool cleaners, they give better results.

How does a robotic pool cleaner work:
For those who are not familiar with the robotic pool cleaner, the device is driven by an electric motor, which is powered through a low voltage transformer. The cleaner has a pump and its own set of filters to gather debris. All you need to do is simply drop it into the water! But the best part is that these cleaners has a computer chip installed in it so it memorizes the shape and dimensions of your pool and thus clean every nook and cranny automatically. Based on how much you want to invest and based on your personal preferences you can also go for a robotic pool cleaner that can even be controlled remotely. There is a brush-to-port suction which allows the cleaner to suck both larger substances such as leaves and even fine debris. Because suction is produced around the entire pool cleaner’s body and also directly below the unit, it ensures that every piece of debris is captured and removed.


Now to the advantages of using the Robotic Pool Cleaner:

These cleaners are effective in cleaning even large debris and small particles from your pool water. Because they have a self-contained filter which can be cleaned easily, it not only saves wear and tear on your main filtration equipment, it also reduces the number of times you have to backwash your swimming pool filter in a particular season.

Most of the robotic pool cleaners climb so can also scrub pool walls and tile line, unheard of if you are using a traditional automatic cleaner.  

Because the device takes a round of the entire pool, it helps in circulating the water around the pool.

Meanwhile using a robotic pool cleaner will definitely save on the chemicals that you ideally need to use to keep the water clean. By removing the debris rather than storing it in the pool’s main filter, the chemical load of the main filtration is reduced considerable – another environment-friendly solution!

Because it’s not bulky and is portable, once done, you can store it anywhere in your house.

Now you must be asking if robotic pool cleaners have so many benefits why are all swimming pool owners not using them.

Well, the only downside is that robotic pool cleaners come with a higher price tag than other automatic cleaners and maintenance can be expensive too. Ideally these cleaners are priced between USD 600-1300. But some may be even more expensive. To compare prices and buy a robotic pool cleaner click here… Another disadvantage it that the main pool filtration system is still needed. 

Having said that, despite being expensive, owners of swimming pool can benefit from the savings on energy and also on the satisfaction of a job well done!

So here’s leaving you with a video of an owner of a robotic pool cleaner and his experience with the device.