Benefits of a Central Facilities Management for a Holiday Community

Holiday home facilities managementFor a holiday home owner, the safety and maintenance of the property undoubtedly are of utmost importance. Stationed far away from the city where the holiday home is located, it becomes even more cumbersome for owners to keep a tab on the day to day activities and the regular maintenance of the property.

But don’t worry! With a little investment, you can buy a peace of mind. How? By employing the services of a facilities management company! Today most developers of gated communities have an effective facilities management system that takes care of all the issues faced by an owner of a holiday home. These companies are highly professional and thus can add value to your property as a holiday home better than just employing a caretaker. 

Advantages of Facilities Management in a gated community:

First, if you decide to manage yourself, you will have to manage a whole lot of people for different jobs – the plumber, house cleaner, electrician, etc. We are all aware that managing a large number of unprofessional labor from a distance is a real headache. Moreover even for the smallest of job, you will have to be personally present at the property to supervise. By taking the services of the Facilities Management company that looks after all the properties of the gated community, you can be rest assured that the job is done even without your supervision because the company has its own facility manager who will supervise on your behalf.

Secondly, since the whole community is maintained by one company the entire process is seamless and organized. Based on the number of units, the Facilities Management company will have the required number of staff to ensure that all the jobs are performed efficiently.

Third, is the fact that if you have a caretaker, we might take care of the interiors of the property, while the external maintenance of the house is neglected. In case of a Facilities Management company, even your external areas like you lawn or garden is also well maintained.

Another benefit I see in taking the services of the Facilities Management is that you will not be wasting time in finding the credentials of the individuals who are taking care of the respective jobs thus there is always the risk of theft, etc. at your absence. Because it is the Facilities Management company which takes care of everything, the onus is on the company to ensure that all the articles and belongings inside the premises are safe.

Fifth, taking the services of the facilities management will add value to your property. Guest would take it as a positive when a well-groomed staff with proper uniforms comes to the house to take care of the daily chores or maintenance.

Ideally, you would be carrying out maintenance jobs whenever you feel there is something to be taken care of. Moreover to keep track of maintenance of the different aspects of a property is somewhat laborious for an individual. But for a facilities management company maintenance is preventive and proactive rather than reactive. Because they can extensively and elaborately keep track of the maintenance, they can attend to them on a regular basis. Being professionals, they are aware when something requires maintenance and can attend to them at the right moment.

So I hope the article summarizes the benefits of taking the services of the facilities management of your gated community. However, please ensure that before you opt for one, you are aware of the costs and areas that will be covered. Also make sure that you have a written agreement with them with all the details.