Using Wikivoyage to Improve your Vacation Rental’s SEO and Web Presence

Wikivoyage homepageIt’s really amazing how things change fast and for the better. Just a decade ago we were still flipping through the pages of an encyclopedia to hunt for the information we wanted. But then with Wikipedia things changed at a fast pace and even the 244-year-old Encyclopedia Britannica couldn’t compete with it as they published its last print edition in May 2012. Now Wikipedia has forayed into the travel industry with WikiVoyage, which will be the Wikipedia of Travel Guides.

This is no doubt a good opportunity for vacation rental owners to increase their web presence and SEO ranking on search engines. In this article I will outline some of the pointers for holiday home owners to exactly achieve this.

But first things first, one must understand that the entire process should not be to spam and should be to provide unbiased and correct information to travelers who will see the guide to the location where your property is situated. So here goes:


Here are some guidelines that have been suggested for what types of vacation rentals are OK:

  1. Must have a ‘real world’ office – ie a phone number and/or address
  2. Must allow rentals less than 1 week
  3. Must offer lodging that cannot be rented directly from the owner
  4. Must be a location where travelers frequently rent cabins/apartments


For every destination there is a SLEEP section where you can add your vacation rental details. That being said, because WikiVoyage is a storehouse of information for “voyagers” and not a “rental marketplace” you need to offer information about your Vacation Rental as this is of benefit to “voyagers”.

The rules are fairly strict about what kinds of content which can be included. You CANNOT be “touting” or “promoting” your information. If you do your content will get removed by an administrator. You can only list under one “article”.


It goes without saying that WikiVoyage like Wikipedia will soon be the preferred platform for travelers to know about a destination where he wants to take his next vacation. So when your details (Please refer to the example below) appears on the page of the article on the destination where your property is located, chances are very high that more travelers will be contacting you. Plus when your link and details of your vacation rental is featured on WikiVoyage, your ranking on search engines is bound to increase.  

Vacation rental listing on Wikivoyage
Screenshot of a vacation rental accommodation on WikiVoyage

Now that you are aware of WikiVoyage, go to their guidelines page before you start. We would be happy to hear from you when your vacation rental is listed.